Zürich is a city in Switzerland, featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

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In Zürich are many landmarks to discover. For example, there is the Limmat river, the Fraumünster Church, the Uetliberg TV-tower, the Werd tower, the Migros tower and the Hardau towers.

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There are two depots in the city centre, one of Posped and one of Stokes. North of Zürich is also a TREE-ET sawmill.

In addition, there are a bus station, a hotel, a service shop, and a small DAF truck dealer in the city.

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Zürich is situated at the A1, which connects the city with Bern in the West and with Austria in the East. Three other highways branch off of the A1 nearby Zürich: The A2 towards Italy, the A3 towards France and the A4 towards Germany.

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