World of Trucks is the online platform that complements Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.

A Quick Guide Edit

  1. Sign up on [World of Trucks]
  2. Link this account to one of your applicable games.
  3. In-game use 'Edit' on a driver profile and then enter the same account details under 'Online account'.
  4. In-game; 'continue' a game then go to the Job Market and Select 'External Contracts'.  If you have accepted any on-line then they will show up here.  Accepting the contract in-game will teleport you (including changing city if needs be) to the start of the contract.
  5. Once you have completed such a contract you will only be able to accept new ones with this last destination as the new origin.  You will not be able to select a new origin on the web site, this is intentional.

Truck Profile Edit

To get a truck profile uploaded you need to use the in-game screenshot manager to upload a picture of it.

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