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 Note: This page contains only information about Warszawa in Euro Truck Simulator 2!

Warszawa (english: Warsaw) is the capital and largest city of Poland. It's featured in Euro Truck Simulator, but not in the initial release of Euro Truck Simulator 2. Going East, the first map expansion of ETS 2, re-introduced the city.

Landmarks Edit

The landmarks rendered in Warszawa are: the AXA Direct, the CMS Warsaw, the InterContinental Warsaw, InterDruk S.A., Marivol SA, the Warsaw Marriott Hotel, the Millennium Plaza, the Oxford Tower, the Palace of Culture and Science, Rondo 1 and Złota 44.

Features Edit

Warszawa houses four companies: Posped, Sanbuilders, Stokes and Trameri. In addition, a garage, a hotel, a recruitment agency, and a large truck dealer of Mercedes-Benz (with servicing facilities) are present.

The Trameri depot in Warszawa differs from other depots of the same company by having a wider entrance and bigger yard. In fact, it resembles typical LKW or Stokes depots more.

Connections Edit

While other nations' capitals (e.g. Berlin, Budapest, London, Paris, Praha, etc.) have ring roads at least partially surrounding them, Polish roads radiate from Warszawa instead.

Four numbered roads connect Warszawa to other cities while one minor road starts from it:

  • The A2 goes west towards Berlin via Łódź (to the north) and Poznań.
  • The R2 goes east from Warzawa but doesn't head for any significant settlement. A minor road branches from this road towards Lublin just outside Warszawa.
  • The S7 enters the city from the south and exits it in the northwest. The next city to the south is Kraków, while Olsztyn and Gdańsk are the road's northern destinations.
  • The S8 comes from Wrocław and runs into the S7 before entering Warsaw. It branches off the S7 north of the city and heads for Białystok.

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