Volvo VNL is a truck in American Truck Simulator by the Swedish truck manufacturer Volvo. It was first shown in an SCS Software blog post about licensing issues already before the game released and was teased and confirmed when Oregon released.[1] It was added to the game in November 5, 2018.

Release History Edit

  • 4 October 2018:
    • 10:00 GMT: In the Oregon release video, a VNL can be seen passing to the left.[2]
    • ~14:00 GMT: Carthoo, a developer for SCS unveils a picture of the VNL and says that, "It's not finished, but it will come soon enough. I guess in a few weeks."[3]
    • 17:00 GMT: When shown a comment on the Volvo VNL SCS Software's Twitter replies, "No kisses today - give us a week or two to get it fully ready."[4]
  • 18 October 2018: Carthoo: "...there are also smaller things to deal with (new bug found, some wrongly placed things, sickness of the guy responsible - not so easy to transfer the work agenda to someone else)... . It IS coming tho - no big obstacles there."[5]
  • 29 October 2018: A mini-page for the Volvo VNL is added to ATS’ official website, It was removed later. It was part of a test to launch the VNL. At the same day, ATS got a preparation update that added the Volvo VNL's support for all current DLCs. The page was added on the 6th of November.
  • 5 November 2018: Release of the truck along with a trailer video.[6]

Truck Dealers Edit

There are 7 Volvo truck dealers. They can be found in the following cities:

State City
Arizona Arizona Flag Tucson
California CA mini San Francisco
Nevada Flag of Nevada.svg Las Vegas
New Mexico New Mexico Flag Farmington
Oregon Flag Oregon Front Eugene
Utah Flag of Utah small Salt Lake City
Washington Flag of Washington Spokane

Upgrades Edit

Cabin Edit

Name Price Unlock Level Picture
300 $21,580 0
Volvo vnl 300
730 $42,367 10
Volvo vnl 730
780 $45,240 20
Volvo vnl 780

Chassis Edit

Note: Short chassis are only available for cabin 300 and long chassis only for cabins 730 and 780.

Name Price Unlock Level Picture
Short 6x2 150gal $24,830 0
Volvo vnl 300
Short 6x2 Midlift 150gal $26,260 2
Volvo vnl short midlift
Short 6x4 150gal $27,690 3
Volvo vnl 300
Short 6x2 200gal $27,755 5
Volvo vnl 300
Short 6x2 Midlift 200gal $29,185 7
Volvo vnl short midlift
Short 6x4 200gal $30,615 8
Volvo vnl 300
Long 6x2 220gal $24,830 10
Volvo vnl 780
Long 6x2 Midlift 220gal $32,370 12
Volvo vnl long midlift
Long 6x4 220gal $34,060 13
Volvo vnl 780
Long 6x2 300gal $34,515 15
Volvo vnl 780
Long 6x2 Midlift 300gal $26,075 17
Volvo vnl long midlift
Long 6x4 300gal $37,635 18
Volvo vnl 780

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

ATS retail DE
  • The German ATS retail edition features an image with a Volvo VNL in its packaging. (left lower corner)
  • If you see the steering wheel, It was similar to 2009 FH16 model. However, the latest 2019 variant has a steering wheel that is very close in resemblance to the 2012 FH16.
  • This is the first truck in ATS to be made by a company based beyond the United States, as Volvo is a Swedish company.

References Edit

  1. SCS Software, Truck Licensing Situation Update, 2016-01-25 (accessed 2016-6-4)

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