ETS2 Achievement Volvo Trucks lover
Volvo Trucks Lover


To unlock the achievement "Volvo Trucks Lover"' the player needs to deliver a trailer full of Volvo truck to a Volvo dealership.

DLC IconThis Achievement requires Euro Truck Simulator 2: Scandinavia

Where to find Volvo trailers ?

The Volvo Factory can be found in the city of Göteborg, Sw-templ Sweden. The company offers differents jobs, but only the truck transporter. is suitable for the achievement.

Achievement Volvo Trucks lover

Where do I deliver the trailer ?

You can deliver the trucks in the dealerships located in the following cities :

Country City
Sw-templ Sweden Göteborg
FR France Limoges
GB United Kingdom London
1000px-Flag of Luxembourg.svg Luxembourg Luxembourg
IT Italy Napoli
LT Lithuania Vilnius

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