The Volvo FH16 (2009) is a truck in Euro Truck Simulator 2 manufactured by the Swedish truck manufacturer Volvo.

Upgrades Edit

Cabin Edit

NamePriceUnlock level
Volvo FH16 Classic Sleeper
Volvo FH16 Classic Globetrotter
Globetrotter XL€62,16012
Volvo FH16 Classic Globetrotter XL

Chassis Edit

NamePriceFuel TankUnlock level
Chassis 4x2€25,080? I0
Chassis 6x2€32,400? I8
Chassis 6x2/4€40,440? I10
Chassis 6x2 Taglift€42,360? I10
Chassis 6x2/4 Midlift€50,400? I12
Chassis 6x4€57,000? I14

Engine Edit

NameInfoPriceUnlock level
D16G540 euro 5540 hp (397 kW)
2,650 Nm at 1,000-1,450 rpm
D16G600 euro 5600 hp (441 kW)
2,800 Nm at 1,000-1,500 rpm
D16G700 euro 5700 hp (515 kW)
3,150 Nm at 1,000-1,550 rpm
D16G750 euro 5750 hp (551 kW)
3,550 Nm at 1,050-1,400 rpm

Transmission Edit

NameInfoPriceUnlock level
I-Shift AT2812D12 speeds
14.94-1.00, dif. 2.64
I-Shift ATO3512D12 speeds
11.73-0.78, dif. 3.08
Allison 45006 speeds
4.70-0.67, dif. 3.70
Torque 2.42x
I-Shift AT2812D R12 speeds
14.94-1.00, dif. 2.64
I-Shift ATO3512D R12 speeds
11.73-0.78, dif. 3.08
Allison 4500 R6 speeds
4.70-0.67, dif. 3.70
Torque 2.42x, Retarder

Interior Edit

NamePriceUnlock level
Volvo FH16 Classic Standard
Standard UK€11,7600
Volvo FH16 Classic Standard UK
Volvo FH16 Classic Exclusive
Exclusive UK€30,96012
Volvo FH16 Classic Exclusive UK

Stock Paint Jobs (Model specific) Edit

NamePriceUnlock level
Stormy Blue€3,2500
Volvo FH16 Classic blue
Bronze Autumn€3,5100
Volvo FH16 Classic blue bronze
Sunlight Silver€3,9000
Volvo FH16 Classic Sleeper
Black Knight€4,1600
Volvo FH16 Classic black
Deep Aquamarine€4,1600
Volvo FH16 Classic aqua

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