Verkö is a district in the Swedish city of Karlskrona, which is featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2 (Scandinavia DLC). There is a seaport in Verkö, and ferries provide connections between there and Gdynia (near Gdańsk) in Poland.

Verkö is the only port in the Scandinavia expansion that is rendered like port towns in the vanilla game (such as Hull and IJmuiden) – signs in the game identify Verkö separately, but the port town itself is not identified as an independent settlement on the map. Other ports in Scandinavia are either identified as separate entities on the map (e.g. Nynäshamn), or simply are part of their host cities (e.g. ports in Norway)

Features and Connections Edit

Apart from the sea port (with resting space), the only facility present in Verkö is a Polaris Lines cargo yard. Unlike other Swedish port towns, which own Polaris Lines yards in their own rights, this yard is considered part of Karlskrona.

Ferries departing from Verkö head for Gdynia in Poland, across the Baltic Sea. Truckers must have the Going East DLC enabled to use this service. The ferry trip takes 10h 30min to finish and costs €790.

The only road link from Verkö heads for its host city, Karlskrona. The speed limit on this road is 50 km/h (31 mph) at the ends, and 70 km/h (43 mph) in between.

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