Växjö is a city in Sweden, introduced in Euro Truck Simulator 2: Scandinavia along with 14 other Swedish cities.

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There aren't many significant buildings rendered near Växjö in-game, making the city look like sparsely inhabited. However, just like other Swedish cities, Växjö has an abundance of in-game industrial companies.

Four companies have depots in Växjö:

In addition, a Nordic Stenbrott mine is situated to the west of the city. Further west, almost to the E6 highway along the Swedish west coast, a Björk mill can be found.

Back in the city, a trucker can find a garage, a hotel, and a service shop.

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Växjö is one of the only two in-game Swedish cities having no direct access to the Euroroutes. (The other is Nynäshamn).

A main road runs west of Växjö, first meeting the E4, then the Björk mill access, and finally the E6. This same road turns south near Växjö and heads for the port town of Karlskrona, where ferry services are available to Gdańsk.

A minor road goes north from Växjö and meets the E4 near Jönköping.

Another minor road goes east from the main road near Växjö and heads for Kalmar.

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