"Travel through the diverse landscapes of Utah, from its red rocks to its snowcapped mountain ranges. Drivers will be able to deliver to the state's bustling metropolis, which is home to many large businesses and industries. Through your journey you will also come across many notable landmarks and surviving remnants of the state's historic pioneer history."
— Official SCS Software press kit Website

Utah is a state of the United States, which is featured in American Truck Simulator as an upcoming map expansion DLC and in 18 Wheels of Steel series. It will be the fifth of DLC after Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington, but the fourth paid one.

The state is bordered by Nevada to the west, Arizona to the south, Colorado to the east, Idaho to the northwest and Wyoming to the northeast.

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Release History Edit

  • 5 November 2018: Near the end of SCS's VNL video, the truck was heading towards Utah on US 163. The GPS also showed that the road was accessible.[1]
  • 21 December 2018: SCS gives hint at a possible Utah map expansion in their Christmas stream by showing a postcard of Monument Valley in Utah.[2]
  • 4 February 2019: During a live stream, when asked to hint about the state following Washington, mentions that that state has "some big red rocks," heavily associated with Utah (as seen on the entrance sign).
  • 30 April 2019: 1.35 Experimental Beta added some new roads that lead towards Utah.
  • 20 June 2019: A mysterious teaser video is posted on SCS's YouTube channel and in their blog showing a bee. Utah is also called "The Beehive State".[3]
  • 28 June 2019: Teaser images from Utah appear on the blog.[4]
  • 4 July 2019: First official blog post confirmed Utah will be the next state with a few new screenshots + trailer[5] and added to Steam Store.[6]
  • 19 July 2019: Blog post about new deliveries.[7]
  • 5 August 2019: Blog post about gameplay of the DLC.[8]
  • 16 August 2019: Blog post about truck stops.[9]
  • 30 August 2019: Blog post about Kennecott Copper Mine.[10]
  • 9 September 2019: Steam achievements for Utah are added to SteamDB.[11]
  • 12 September 2019: Blog post about scenic viewpoints.[12]
  • 27 September 2019: Blog post about landmarks.[13]
  • 7 October 2019: Blog post about rocks.[14]
  • 18 October 2019: Blog post about gameplay preview from the Glen Canyon Dam Bridge to Salina including release month.[15]

Geography Edit

Utah ranges from towering peaks, to desert dunes, and rugged basins. In western Utah, it is mostly arid desert with a basin and range topography. Small mountain ranges and rugged terrain punctuate the landscape.

The southeastern portion of the state is famous for rock formations and canyons of sandstone.

Eastern Utah is mostly dry, arid plateaus with very little population and mining as an important source of income for the few who live here.

Southwestern Utah is usually the hottest area of Utah as it is the lowest elevation in general. There are many smaller mountain ranges in this region as well where temperatures plummet.

The majority of the state's population lives around the Great Salt Lake, with the principal city being Salt Lake City. Another population hub is St. George to the southwest of the state. Most of the state is remote with very little population.

Climate Edit

The climate of Utah is mostly semi-arid to desert, with hot summers and freezing winters. Higher elevations often see snow during the winter, and humidity in the summer is generally low.

Cities Edit

There are currently 10 cities in Utah, according to a previous version of a file found in the game files.

Cities which are also in 18 Wheels of Steel series are marked with " * ".

Note: Salt Lake City is in italic lettering since it is the state capital of the state of Utah.

Cedar City Logan Ogden
Utah Blog 63
Utah Blog 71
Utah Blog 3
Moab Price Provo
Placeholder Picture
Placeholder Picture
Utah Blog 17
Salina Salt Lake City * St. George
Placeholder Picture
Placeholder Picture
Utah Blog 7
Utah Blog 15

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Main article: American Truck Simulator Companies

Roads Edit

There are four possible Interstate Highways in Utah:
Interstate 15 Interstate 70 Interstate 80 Interstate 84
Arizona - US 89
I-15 - US 191
Nevada - I-84
Ogden (I-15) - I-80

There are eight possible US Highways in Utah:

US 6 US 40 US 50 US 89
Nevada - Green River (I-70)
I-80 - Vernal
Nevada - Salina (I-70)
Arizona - I-70; I-15/US 91 - Logan (US 91)
US 91 US 163 US 189 US 191
I-15/US 89 - Logan (US 89)
Arizona - US 191
Arizona - Vernal
There are 19 Utah State Routes found in the game files, but it is unknown if all of these will be confirmed. At this moment, there are two possible Utah State Routes:
SR 9 SR 10 SR 14 SR 26 SR 34
Ut 9 shield
Ut 10 shield
Ut 14 shield
Cedar City
Ut 26 shield
Ut 34 shield
SR 52 SR 55 SR 56 SR 59 SR 87
Ut 52 shield
Ut 55 shield
Ut 56 shield
Ut 59 shield
Ut 87 shield
SR 130 SR 151 SR 161 SR 165 SR 172
Ut 130 shield
Cedar City
Ut 151 shield
Ut 161 shield
Ut 165 shield
Ut 172 shield
SR 201 SR 202 SR 265 SR 269
Ut 201 shield
Ut 202 shield
Ut 265 shield
Ut 269 shield

There are currently two inaccessible Utah State Routes.

SR 12 SR 143
Ut 12 shield
US 89
Ut 143 shield
Panguitch (US 89)

Achievements Edit

Main article: American Truck Simulator Achievements
Icon Name[11] Description
Beehive State
This One Is Mine!
It's Something
Some Like It Salty
Pump It Up

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References Edit

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