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Hello there!

My name is Technology With Pro, or shortened as Tech, and also called by my own alternatives such as TWP and TechTWP. I am an administrator and bureaucrat of the Truck Simulator Wiki and virtual truck driver from Vermont in the United States.

Follow my Twitter account if you would like to see my adventures in ETS2 and ATS, and my work-in-progress content for the Truck Simulator wiki, or can just view my account. I don't care anyways.

Don't hesitate to ask me anything. However, I might not reply to your message on time in certain times, so just be aware of that.


My journey begins as User:GD Pro2Boss since 2018, and then I created this new account approximately a year ago since I started contributing to the Truck Simulator Wiki. A year later, I became an Administrator since February 2020, and now I am promoted as a Bureaucrat since November 2021. I am happy to help maintain and expand this community.

My history of playing SCS games

Years ago, I played a PC gaming software called WildTangent, where I started playing my first SCS Software game, and it was 18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul. I had fun playing it when I was a child. Then I started to play 18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin'. I was thinking it was similar to the newer copy, but then I relized that ALH reintrocuced 3 cities in Mexico, and Haulin' was released before ALH. Like about a year ago or so, I started playing Euro Truck Simulator, which however was called Big Rig Europe in WildTangent. After I stopped playing these games for a long time, I started playing Euro Truck Simulator on Steam. After a few days, I purchased Euro Truck Simulator 2 and started my headquarters in Aberdeen, Scotland as my first profile. Just a couple of months after I purchased ETS2, I then purchased American Truck Simulator on Christmas 2017 and started my headquarters in Las Vegas, NV. I had the demo first before playing the original game and started in San Francisco, CA. Today, I still play both ETS2 and ATS with all of its downloadable content purchased to my library.

Map Expansion I have

As always, I would purchase all expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. I have decided to sort these map expansions by date. Dates in bold and italic are on a day the expansion was released.

Game Expansion Date of Purchase Also purchased on that day
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Scandinavia 25 December 2017 American Truck Simulator, Chinese Paint Jobs Pack
American Truck Simulator New Mexico 17 February 2018 Wheel Tuning Pack, Heavy Cargo Pack (ATS)
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Going East! 17 May 2018
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Italia 18 May 2018 Prehistoric Paint Jobs Pack
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Vive la France! 6 June 2018
American Truck Simulator Oregon 4 October 2018
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Beyond the Baltic Sea 29 November 2018
American Truck Simulator Washington 11 June 2019 Forest Machinery
American Truck Simulator Utah 7 November 2019
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Road to the Black Sea 5 December 2019 Bulgarian Paint Jobs Pack
American Truck Simulator Idaho 16 July 2020
American Truck Simulator Colorado 12 November 2020
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Iberia 8 April 2021
American Truck Simulator Wyoming 7 September 2021

Once released, I am going to buy the following map expansion(s) that are still a work in progress:


ProMods was my last mod of 2019 to download so I can start a new profile with the mod in 2020. I have been wishing to start this for a while. Just after I started doing a few jobs, I was already in love with ProMods! However, I haven't been using ProMods for months now because I am more of a vanilla gamer.

My Maps

In-game map images

I have created maps of cities, roads, countries, and even the entire map of ETS2. For ATS, I mostly do road maps. Here are some of my maps I created in the past:

Present Maps from Google MyMaps

My Concepts

READ THIS FIRST: My concept maps are not supposed to show the real future of American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. All of my concepts are speculation! All of this information should NOT be added to any articles about a future project from this. Any user who adds information to any article from my concepts will be warned or blocked for inserting false information!

Euro Truck Simulator 2

  • Adriatic
    • Albania
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Croatia
    • Greece
    • Montenegro
    • North Macedonia
    • Serbia
    • Slovenia
  • Further East!
    • Belarus
    • Moldova
    • Ukraine (West)
  • Ireland
    • Ireland
    • United Kingdom (Northern Ireland)

American Truck Simulator

Pre-released maps

Images for later

These images have been found in the game files. If you're looking for the image you need, they're right here:
Id 21 shield black.pngId 67 shield black.png

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