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U.S. Route 93 (US 93) is a north–south US Highway in western Arizona, eastern Nevada, and central Idaho in American Truck Simulator. The route is separated into two sections: The first section runs from US 60 in Wickenburg to US 26 and SH-75 in Shoshone. The second section runs from US 20 and US 26 in Carey to Salmon. US 93 connects northern and eastern Nevada and central Idaho with Las Vegas and southern California. It is the only direct connection between Arizona and Nevada. In real life, US 93 runs 1359 miles (2187 km) from Wickenburg, AZ, to the Canadian border north of Indian Springs, MT.


US 93 begins in Wickenburg, AZ, where it intersects with US 60 at a roundabout. It runs northwest through the mountains of the Sonoran Desert at the edge of the Colorado Plateau to Interstate 40, with which it runs concurrent to Kingman. There the 93 runs past a southbound weigh station and along the Black Mountains, which it passes through before crossing the Colorado River and the state line. The 93 crosses the Colorado via the Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, which, spanning Black Canyon, stands 890 feet (270 m) above the river, making it the highest highway bridge in the US (second highest bridge overall) and the world's highest concrete arch bridge. Just upriver from the bridge is the Hoover Dam, a massive hyrdoelectric dam built from 1931-36 and a signifcant landmark; impounded by it is Lake Mead.

After entering Nevada, US 93 begins running concurrent with Interstate 11 and Interstate 515, and soon runs through Las Vegas, where it intersects with US 95 and Interstate 15. After a short concurrency with I-15, the 93 sets off across the Great Basin, a vast, mountainous desert with few settlements. After intersecting with NV 375 the highway passes through Mazany Creek, a fictional town located roughly where Caliente is in real life. This town, which offers travel services, is possibly named after Václav Mazaný, a former employee at SCS Software, and features animal topiaries and giant rubber ducks that bob up and down near the truck stop. Soon afterwards the highway passes Panaca (where it meets NV 319) and Pioche, and meets with US 6 and US 50 at Majors Place, where the three highways run concurrent over the Schell Creek Range via Connors Pass (7729 ft) to Ely, where they split up. At Lages Station the 93 meets with US 93A, which heads to Wendover, while the 93 continues to Wells, where it intersects with Interstate 80. From there the 93 heads to Jackpot, where, under the Jarbridge Mountains, it crosses into Idaho.

Soon after entering the Gem State, US 93 passes through Twin Falls, where it intersects with US 30. Out of Twin Falls the 93 crosses the Snake River Gorge via the Perrine Memorial Bridge, which, at 486 feet (148 m) high, is the eighth highest bridge in the US. Two overlooks provide views of the bridge, the gorge, and Shoshone Falls, the southbound overlook featuring a viewpoint. After intersecting with Interstate 84 the 93 passes through Shoshone where, concurrent with US 26, it continues to Carey through a gap in the road. At Carey the 93 runs concurrent with US 20 to Arco, where it breaks from the 20 and 26. Running along the Lost River Range (the summit of which is Borah Peak, the highest point of Idaho), the highway passes through Mackay and past the Mackay Reservoir to Willow Creek Summit (7160 ft). Over the summit, the highway winds through the narrow Grand View Canyon to Challis, where it meets ID-75. The 93 then runs along the Salmon River through the Northern Rocky Mountains to Salmon, where, in the north of town, the highway currently ends in the shade of the Beaverhead Mountains.


Junction list[]


Location mi km Destinations Facilities Notes
Wickenburg 0 0 US60 US 60 – Wickenburg, Phoenix Gas ico.pngParking ico.png South terminus
IS40 I-40 east – Flagstaff TOTSO: south end of I-40 concurrency; I-40 exit 71
South end of freeway
Kingman AZ66US66 SR 66 east / Historic US 66 – Andy Devine Avenue Gas ico.pngParking ico.pngService.png Exit 53
North end of freeway
IS40 I-40 west – Los Angeles TOTSO: north end of I-40 concurrency; I-40 exit 48
Rest area Parking ico.png
Weigh station Weigh Station ico.png Southbound only


Location mi km Destinations Facilities Notes
Colorado River Mike O'Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge
South end of freeway; south end of I-11 concurrency
Las Vegas Tropicana Avenue – McCarran Airport Gas ico.pngParking ico.pngWeigh Station ico.png Exit 68
North end of I-11 concurrency; south end of I-515 and US 95 concurrency
IS15US95 I-15 south / US 95 north – Los Angeles, Reno, Tonopah Dealer ico.pngGas ico.pngParking ico.pngService.pngWeigh Station ico.png TOTSO: north end of I-515 and US 95 concurrency; south end of I-15 concurrency; I-15 exits 42 A–B; I-515 and US 95 exits 76 A–B
Cheyenne Avenue Parking ico.png Exit 46
North end of freeway
IS15 I-15 north – Salt Lake City North end of I-15 concurrency; I-15 exit 64
Truck stop Gas ico.pngParking ico.pngWeigh Station ico.png
NV375 SR 375 north – Rachel, Tonopah Parking ico.png
Mazany Creek Truck stop Gas ico.pngParking ico.png
Panaca NV319 SR 319 east – Panaca
Pioche Pioche Gas ico.pngParking ico.png
Coastline Mining depot
Majors Place US6US50 US 6 / US 50 east – Great Basin National Park, Delta Parking ico.png TOTSO: south end of US 6 and US 50 concurrency
Parking Parking ico.png
Ely US6US50 US 6 / US 50 west – Tonopah, Carson City TOTSO: north end of US 6 and US 50 concurrency
Lages Station USALT93 US 93 Alt. north – Wendover Gas ico.png TOTSO
Currie Currie
Parking Parking ico.png
Wells Gas station Gas ico.png
IS80 I‑80 – Elko, Salt Lake City I-80 exit 352
Rest area Parking ico.png
Jackpot Jackpot Gas ico.pngParking ico.png
Rest area North terminus in base game


Location mi km Destinations Facilities Notes
Truck stop Gas ico.pngParking ico.png
Hollister Weigh station Weigh Station ico.png
Twin Falls US30US93 US 30 / US 93 Bus. north – Filer, Twin Falls city center
US93 US 93 Bus. south (Blue Lakes Boulevard North)
Snake River I. B. Perrine Bridge
IS84US30 I-84 / US 30 – Jerome, Boise, Pocatello I-84 exit 173
Truck stop Gas ico.pngParking ico.pngService.pngWeigh Station ico.png
Shoshone US26 US 26 west – Gooding Inaccessible
South end of US 26 concurrency
ID75 SH-75 north – Sun Valley TOTSO
End first section; begin second section
Carey US20 US 20 west – Sun Valley, Twin Falls, Boise South end of US 20 concurrency
Craters of the Moon entrance
Arco US20US26 US 20 east / US 26 east – Idaho Falls Gas ico.png TOTSO: north end of US 20 and US 26 concurrency
Mackay Mackay
Rest area Parking ico.png
Challis ID75 SH-75 south – Stanley, Sun Valley Parking ico.png
Gas station Gas ico.png
Ellis Ellis
Salmon Truck stop Gas ico.pngParking ico.png
ID28 SH-28 south – Leadore TOTSO
1,018 1,638 Bushnell Farms North terminus in game


  • In update 1.5, which changed the map scale from 1:35 to 1:20, new sections were added to the existing route to accommodate the new map scale, including the Scenic Byway south of Ely. The at-grade three-way junction with NV 375 was re-oriented from a US 93 TOTSO to US 93 going straight through the junction, and the at-grade three-way junction with US 6 and US 50 south of Ely was added. The section from Interstate 80 in Wells to Jackpot was completely reworked.
  • In update 1.32, the junction with US 60 was changed from an at-grade three-way junction to a roundabout.
  • In update 1.38, Panaca and the at-grade three-way junction there with SR 319 were added. The at–grade section through Las Vegas was moved to Interstate 15 and a new freeway section concurrent with US 95 south of Interstate 15, including the diamond interchange with Tropicana Avenue. The diamond interchange with Interstate 15 was separated into a diverging diamond interchange with Interstate 15 and a single-point diamond interchange on the Interstate 15 section with the previous section of US 93 on Cheyenne Avenue. Also on the Interstate 15 section, the trumpet interchange of Interstate 15 and US 95 was changed to a "Spaghetti Bowl" interchange of Interstate 15, US 93, and US 95. The at-grade three-way junction with a minor road by the Hoover Dam was removed.
  • In the initial version of the Idaho map expansion DLC, the section of US 93 from Jackpot to Salmon was added.


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