US 12 is a highway in Washington. There are two sections.

From west to east, the first section starts at US 101 in Aberdeen and ends at WA 8 halfway near Olympia. However, the section is marked from Aberdeen to Olympia as the icon is shown on a standard diamond interchange.

The second section starts at Interstate 5 north of Longview and ends at US 395/WA 397 in Pasco, a suburb in Kennewick.

Cities Edit

Junction List Edit

Locations mi Exit Destinations Facilities Notes
US 101 - Astoria, Port Angeles
1 Turnaround Trafftic can make a U-turn and head back to Aberdeen via US 12 west
8 WA 8 - Olympia
End of the first section
10 Interstate 5 -Seattle, Portland
33 Deepgrove
41 Deepgrove, Mount St. Helens Another Deepgrove entrance, but you can also access Mount St. Helens by using this road.
Wenatchee National


123 SR 410 - Chinook Pass
Naches 129 S Naches Rd S Naches Rd leads to a Sunshine Crops site.
Yakima 136 N 1st St
138 Interstate 82 West/US 97 - Ellensburg Recommended speed for the ramp is 25 MPH.
146 37 Goldendale, Bend, Main St. Northern end of TOTSO with I-82
180 Weigh Station
193 102 Interstate 182/US 12 - Richland, Pasco Southern end of TOTSO with I-82, western end of TOTSO with I-182; leads to Spokane and Walla Wallla.
Kennewick 212 12 US 395 South - Kennewick, Pendleton
Pasco 222 14A SR 397 South - Kennewick
224 14B US 395 North - Spokane Eastern end of TOTSO with I-182; US 12 currently ends here
Walla Walla ? US 730 (Truck Route) Umatilla, Pendleton Weigh Station
Waitsburg ?
Dayton ?
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