Twin Falls is a city that will be featured in the Idaho map expansion DLC for American Truck Simulator.

It is seen on road signs east of Ely or Wells, Nevada.

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Twin Falls is home of the IB Perrine Bridge which is seen on the cover of American Truck Simulator Idaho and towers over the mighty Snake River. Every single day BASE jumpers make the plunge off the bridge and land on an island directly southeast of the bridge.

Not far from the bridge is Knievel Hill where in 1974 trucking legend and motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel made his failed attempt to Jump The Snake.

Twin Falls is home of three of the busiest streets in Idaho Blue Lakes, Addison, and Shoshone Street and they meet right in the center of town at an intersection called Five Points (see the picture above).

Twin Falls is the county seat of Twin Falls County with the oldest building in Southern Idaho the Twin Falls County Courthouse towering over the landscape as drivers head down Shoshone Street towards Jackpot and the airport.

Twin Falls is also the headquarters of KMVT which is the CBS, Fox News, and CW outlet for the Magic Valley.

Twin Falls is home of the main campus of the Collage of Southern Idaho known as CSI. Its towers and flagpoles dominate the Twin Falls skyline coming off the IB Perrine Bridge to the north. Information on this landmark, Shoshone Falls, as well as Knievel Hill can be found on the markers located at the visitor center at the south end of the bridge. (see photo in gallery)

East of town is Eastland Drive which houses the Twin Falls Temple and the towns cemeteries. At the end of Eastland is White Satin which is the largest sugar factory in the state of Idaho.

Twin Falls is also home of the Chobani Distribution Center and factory which is on Kimberly Road 4 miles east of town.

In Old Town the plants of Lamb Westen and Glanbia Cheese tower over the landscape and can be seen for miles.

East of town down in the canyon is Shoshone Falls and the majestic Twin Falls which give the town its name these two falls are 12 feet higher than Niagara Falls in New York and is the artist that carved the Snake River when the Bonneville Flood happened during the Ice Age.

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