TruckersMP is a multiplayer mod available for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.

It doesn't share any relation with SCS Software, though SCS Software has acknowledged its existence. The mod requires a certain version of the games to access it, often the latest available.

TruckersMP also multiplayer support with ProMods map expansion (version 2.42 and later).

Gameplay Edit

There are no AI vehicles on the roads, hence, all trucks and cars encountered are driven by other players. It's possible to deliver cargo with trucks just like usual or roam around in a Scout Car. Caravans can be attached to Scout Cars, but no other type of freight. Trucks cannot pull caravans.

Download and Install Edit

To download TruckersMP, you must create an account on the official website. Some requirements are a public Steam profile with at least two hours of gameplay on record (required for both ETS2 and ATS). It's compatible with both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.

Starting the launcher is done through the icon created on your desktop. You install any updates through this launcher and until the updates are done you can't start the mod, although if updates are only for ETS2 then ATS should remain playable, and visa versa.

When you launch your game of choice you'll boot into the game as normal but after the game & SCS Software loading logos you'll be taken to a custom login screen which requires you to sign in to your TruckersMP account, then occasionally approve the TruckersMP rules and finally select a server to join. Then start the game as normal and click 'Drive'. You'll now join the selected server. Safe & Happy Trucking!

Trivia Edit

  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 servers are generally busier than American Truck Simulator servers.
  • If someone is running a DLC that you aren't and vice versa then you'll see 'No Texture' on an orange background or just an empty trailer. However, you'll still see a trailer attached.
  • TruckersMP supports pride (LGBTQ+) each year in June.
  • Calais, Duisburg, Rotterdam, Brussel, and other places near those cities are the busiest places in the Simulation 1 server.
  • NPC drivers that you have hired will not do any work while you are driving, however if you teleport to a garage or a service shop they will work like they would normally.
  • In February 2016 with the launch of American Truck Simulator, ETS2MP (formerly), changed it's name, briefly, to 'World of Trucks Multiplayer', but due to copyright issues with developer SCS Software they were forced to change their name to the current 'TruckersMP'.
  • The minor road from Duisburg to Calais is almost always the busiest road in the Simulation 1 Server. It is recommended to be careful when you overtake other drivers or are being overtaken by them.
  • Scout Cars can only attach a caravan because attaching trailers was too weird.

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