Travemünde is a port town in northern Germany, which is part of Lübeck. It have ferry connections with Latvia and Finland in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

The city was added to the game in the 1.33 update, just like Kapellskär.

It's new directions in the game is first shown in a live stream of SCS Software.

Features Edit

Travemünde features a Polaris Lines depot with its ferry and a hotel.

Connections Edit

Travemünde serves as a ferry connection to the Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC, which would otherwise have no connection to the Euro Truck Simulator 2 base map.

This city have ferry connections to Liepāja and Helsinki.

Trivia Edit

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Travemünde in 1.32. However, you can't get all the features here (Resting, Job Offer, Ferry Connections) because this port wasn't the part of the map inside the version.

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The entrance of Travemünde was barried in 1.32. This is also applied in 1.33, if you don't have Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC because this port has the only connections to Liepāja and Helsinki.

  • This city was actually added in 1.32 alongside the secret roads to Kapellskär and Kaliningrad Oblast border, but their entrance was inaccessible as you can see this photo under this infobox.

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