ATS Achievement Travel Oregon

Travel Oregon is an achievement for American Truck Simulator. The Oregon map expansion DLC is required to unlock it.

"Discover following landmarks of Oregon: Crater Lake, Crooked River Gorge, Thor's Well and Yaquina Head Lighthouse"

Guide Edit

To unlock this achievement, you have to pass all four mentioned sites (Crater Lake, Crooked River Gorge, Thor's Well, and the Yaquina Head Lighthouse).

Crater Lake Edit

Crater Lake is located north of Klamath Falls. The connection to the site is OR 62 from US 97.


Crater Lake location

Crooked River Gorge Edit

Crooked River Gorge is located north of Bend. The connection to the site is from US 97.


Crooked River Gorge location

Thor's Well Edit

Thor's Well is located between Coos Bay and Newport north of a parking area. The site is right next to US 101 but the parking area next to it is NOT marked on the map making this tricky to get the achievement.


Thor's Well location

Yaquina Head Lighthouse Edit

The Yaquina Head Lighthouse is located north of Newport. The connection to the site is from US 101.


Yaquina Head Lighthouse location

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