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Trade Connections - Germany is a World of Trucks event that started on 12th October, 2018 and ended on 15th November, 2018.

It was announced on 12 October, 2018 to promote the first phase of Reworking Germany, which was included in the 1.32 update.

Rules Edit

  1. Truckers must finish 10 deliveries originating or to Germany to receive the personal contribution rewards.
  2. It does not matter whether the delivery is from or to Germany.
  3. Deliveries must be made through World of Trucks, i.e. quick jobs and job market assignments do not count.
  4. 15 million tons of cargo must be transported by the community to end the event and receive the community contribution rewards. The community goal was met on 10 November, 2018
  5. Deliveries of length shorter than 300 km are excluded in personal contributions.[1]

Rewards Edit

Truckers having reached their personal goals received the following awards immediately:

Brandenburg Gate dashboard mini-replica Branibor gate reblica reward
3 random country pennants. There's a small probability of getting the Germany pennant.

When the community goal was achieved, all truckers having reached their personal goals also received the following awards:

"German Shepherd" bobblehead dashboard toy German shepherd toy
"Golden Stag" dashboard statue Golden deer statue reward
"Under the Bridge" main menu background Under bridge background

Points of Interest Edit

  • According to comments in the SCS announcements (links available below), there are often insufficient WoT jobs from German cities. The commentators recommend doing jobs from other countries to Germany. Owning garages in various countries would place the trucker in advantage, as this enables them to use the "Quick Travel" feature, saving travelling times.
  • Tips:
    • Truckers participating in this event should always put the personal contributions as their top priority, i.e. to complete trips to 10 different countries
    • Inevitably truckers have to make trips that don't contribute to personal goals, or making trips beyond their personal goals. In that case, truckers should pick trips with two criteria:
      • The trip should involve Germany on one side only
      • The cargo involved is the heaviest among the Germany trips
    • As in other "Trade Connections" events, truckers should log their trips. Alternatively, they should review their progress on the World of Trucks site, or from the record bar at the top of their main menu screen.

Footnotes Edit

  1. Short deliveries made after 19 October 2018 were included in the community contributions.

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