Toulouse is a city in southern France featured in Vive la France! DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

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The only part of the city, which is included in the game is the southeastern industrial area. But the community Blagnac, which is independent in real life, also belongs to the in-game Toulouse, because you can find there the Toulouse–Blagnac Airport. You can also find the Toulouse tram there.

There is another village called Gagnac-sur-Garonne, which also can be found in the Toulouse area, but there are no companies or other facilities.

The most visible landmark in Toulouse is the Garonne, because there are two bridges over this river in the Toulouse area, one in Toulouse itself and another in Gagnac-sur-Garonne.

Features Edit

The main city includes a BHV, a Tradeaux and a Wilnet Transport depot. There are also a bus station, a garage, a gas station, a large Renault truck dealer with a service shop, and a recruitment agency.

In Blagnac, which is located to the west of the city, you can find the airport area with an FLE depot and a hotel.

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The city area is connected with Bordeaux by the A62 in western direction, while the A61 runs up to the A9 to the east. The A9 connects the autoroute with Montpellier. The two parts of the city, Toulouse and Blagnac, are connected by the A620.

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