Toll gates are facilities found on some roads featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. As suggested by the name, these facilities charge truckers for using the roads they are placed on. Roads controlled by toll gates are called toll roads.

Toll gates can be divided into two types according to their charging methods:

  • Single toll gates collect one-time charge from truckers passing through them.
  • Ticketed toll gates work in pairs or multiple, and usually control a network of interconnected toll roads. Truckers "collect a ticket" when they enter the tolled network through a toll gate, and pay when they exit the network through another. The charge is calculated based on the distance travelled.

Evolution Edit

Earlier truck simulator games did not feature toll gates, although other facilities like ferries did force truckers to pay in order to access another location.

Toll gates are first introduced in Euro Truck Simulator 2, mainly in France, Italy and Poland. Originally, all toll gates required truckers to come to a full stop in order to take a ticket or proceed to payment – trying to rush through the toll gate would end up in ramming an invisible wall. In addition, almost all toll gates have and enforce reduced speed limit upon approach.

The Scandinavia DLC introduced toll gates equipped with electronic toll collection (ETC) lanes, that allow to keep one's vehicle in motion while passing through, by totally removing the barrier. Toll gates introduced in later DLCs – Vive la France!, Italia, Beyond the Baltic Sea and Road to the Black Sea – do use barriers on the electronic lanes as well, allowing vehicles to pass only at a reduced speed.

American Truck Simulator also features a few "single" toll gates, most of them situated near San Francisco. They are the only toll gates that allow truckers to pass through while they are still open after the vehicle before has left. In this case the gates act like "electronic" toll gates.

Toll in Euro Truck Simulator 2 Edit

France Edit

France is the country with the most toll gates in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Before update 1.26, the French toll gates required truckers to make a full stop upon arrival. However, update 1.26 introduced the non-stop Telepass system, one is allowed to pass without stopping at a maximum speed of 30 km/h. The French name for toll roads is Péage. French toll roads are identified with a square Péage written under the main direction.

Italy Edit

Before update 1.30, the Italian toll gates also required truckers to make a full stop upon arrival. However, update 1.30 introduced the non-stop Telepass system. Although no speed limit is mentioned, it is recommended to not exceed 40 km/h. These new toll stations also feature randomized lanes opening, so one should take care when approaching to choose an open lane. The Italian name for toll roads is Pedaggio.

Poland Edit

As in real-life, Poland toll booths seem to be hastily built, given the white and red mobile barriers. Polish tolls don't feature any Telepass system, hence require a full stop completely to proceed.

Austria Edit

In Austria, vehicles with a gross weight superior to 3.5t are subject to an electronic toll. However, due to their higher construction and maintenance cost, some roads enforce additional physical toll gates. In Euro Truck Simulator 2, they're mainly encountered on Alpine roads. Austrian toll booths work on a single collection point with fixed charges for every user. A full stop is mandatory.

Denmark Edit

As its real life counterpart, Denmark's islands of Funen (Fyn) and Zealand (Sjælland) are connected with a series of bridges, submitted to an extra toll. The toll road works with a single collection point upon entrance or exit, depending on the direction taken. The toll gate features two Telepass lanes allowing to cross without stopping.

Sweden Edit

On par with its real-life counterpart, the Oresund Bridge is submitted to an extra toll. The toll is collected upon entrance in Sweden. The toll gate features two Telepass lanes allowing passage without stopping.

Norway Edit

Although Norwegian road network is free, some special parts such as costly tunnels and bridges may be subjected to a toll collection. These can be found on several roads in Norway. The toll gates feature one or two Telepass lanes allowing passage without stopping.

Russia Edit

Russia, which was introduced in the Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC, features toll roads west of Saint Petersburg.

Turkey Edit

Turkey is the only country that has a toll gate in the Road to the Black Sea DLC, features toll roads on the motorway from Edirne to İstanbul.

List of in-game Toll Roads Edit

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Edit

Country Road (network) Ticketed? Electronic?
Austria A9 (2 between Linz and Graz) No No
A13 (Innsbruck south) No No
S16 (Innsbruck west) No No
Denmark E20 (Great Belt bridge) No Yes
France A2 + A16 + A26 + A29 Yes Yes (since 1.26)
A4 (ParisReims) Yes Yes (since 1.26)
A4 (ReimsMetz) Yes Yes (since 1.26)
A4 (MetzStrasbourg) Yes Yes (since 1.26)
A6 + A31 + A36 + A311 Yes Yes (since 1.26)
A7 + A9 (Montpellier) Yes Yes
A8 (MarseilleNice) Yes Yes
A8 (Nice – Italy) No Yes
A9 + A61 + A75 (MontpellierToulouse) Yes Yes
A10 + A11 + A13 + A28 + A71 + A81 + A83 + A89 Yes Yes
A20 + A62 (Bordeaux, Limoges, Toulouse) Yes Yes
A29 (Le Havre south) No Yes
A41 + A43 (Lyon – Italy / Switzerland) Yes Yes
A51 (Marseille north) Yes Yes
A72 + A89 (LyonClermont-Ferrand) Yes Yes
A75 (Montpellier north) No Yes
A89 (BordeauxLimoges) Yes Yes
Italy A4 + A22 + A51 (MilanoVenezia; Verona – Innsbruck) Yes Yes (since 1.30)
A4 + A23 (Venezia – Austria) Yes Yes (since 1.30)
A6 + A10 (TorinoNice) Yes Yes (since 1.30)
A7 + A21 (MilanoTorino) Yes Yes (since 1.30)
A9 (Milano – Switzerland) No Yes (since 1.30)
A32 (TorinoLyon) Yes Yes (since 1.30)
Poland A1 (GdańskŁódź) Yes No
A2 (Germany – Poznań) Yes No
A2 (PoznańŁódź) Yes No
A2 (ŁódźWarszawa) Yes No
A4 (WrocławKatowice) Yes No
A4 (KatowiceKraków) Yes No
Norway E6 (Oslo east) No Yes
E6 (Svinesund bridge) No Yes
E18 (3 between Oslo and Kristiansand) No Yes
Hardanger Bridge No Yes
Oslofjord Tunnel No Yes
Russia Western Diameter North Yes Yes
Western Diameter South Yes Yes
M-10 toll North of Saint Petersburg Yes Yes
Sweden E6 (Svinesund bridge) No Yes
E20 (Malmö west) No Yes
Turkey O-3 (Edirneİstanbul) No Yes

American Truck Simulator Edit

State Road Ticketed? Electronic?
California Interstate 80 (Bay Bridge) No Yes
Interstate 580 (San Rafael Bridge) No Yes
US 101 (Golden Gate Bridge) No Yes
CA 120 (Yosemite National Park) Yes (If the trailer is longer than 45ft)

Yes (If you are towing a loaded trailer)

No (If you are bobtail)

Oregon Crater Lake No No

Trivia Edit

  • In ETS 2, there's a bug where a truck might get caught over a toll gate barrier after the trucker has paid for passage. In that case the trucker should immediate quit the game and restart. The toll gate should then be open and the trucker can then drive the truck off.
  • If a trucker manages to skip the toll gate via glitching, a red light offence penalty fee would be induced.
  • Toll gates in California charge vehicles according to the number of axles present. In other words, truckers driving vehicles with more axles or hauling doubles would be charged more.
  • Telepass lanes in Scandinavia doesn't feature any physical obstacle, therefore one may pass at any speed. However, it should be noted that speed limits are enforced.
  • National Parks charge a $20 toll in ATS and you will be pulled over by a park ranger if caught in the park with a trailer and fined $1000. The exception to this rule are Mount St. Helens, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, and Crater Lake which have parking lots big enough for a truck at their observatories.
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