Thunder Bay is a city in Ontario, featured in 18 Wheels of Steel series.

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ALH / Haulin' Edit

The companies John Dear, Rock Port and Zabarts Food are in the city. Also has a garage and a parking lot.

In ALH, John Dear is replaced with VS Companies.

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There are 3 Jobs, a gas station, a hotel and a service shop in the city. 1 Job is located on the TCH 17.

Pedal to the Metal Edit

The companies FM Mall, John Dear, Kraft Factory and Trolley Gardens are in the city. Also has a service shop.

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ALH / Convoy / Haulin' Edit

In ALH, a minor road runs south to Minneapolis.

Pedal to the Metal Edit

  • The TCH 1 runs west to Vancouver.
  • The TCH 17 runs east to Montreal.
  • The Highway 71 runs south to Minneapolis.

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