• First off, I'm happy, that the company logos get better with every DLC. I would like to have every country in game to have its unique companies with logo quality on the level of the latest DLC, maybe when the map is finished.

    Here, I will tell you what I think the companies in the RTTBS will be (judging by the trailers) I will only talk about companies that have a “???” under “Type” or a “?” next to there type description and companies witch type I don't agree with or not fully agree with.

    Ctomaha Poea: Here I'm not sure. My best guess would be a constriction company

    SCS Paper: Paper factory obviously

    Balkan Loco: Something train related. Most likely a railway logistic company (like NCH)

    Brawen: A logistic company, due to it having “Transport” written on it and it design remains me off LKW Walter

    Dulcis: Car manufacture, as it most likely a parody of Dacia and it has engine on its trailer

    Fallow Cargo: Also a logistic company

    Kolico: A beverage manufacturing company due to its logo look a lot like the logo of Fanta and its bubbles in the back ground

    Log.N.Stick: A logistic company due to it having “logistic” written on its trailer

    TTK: I have no idea

    TM-Istanbul: A carpet manufacture maybe?

    CGL A: A manufacturer of medical equipment. The trailer just gives me a medical vibe. Also this is my favourite logo.

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