• After we see the teaser image on SCS Blogs and media sosials, some of fans (including me) predireted that there could be working of Washington. But my question is:

    1. When the release date? In the final months in the year again just like Oregon and Baltic?

    2. Where could be the cities in the state?

    3. What type of trailers that only obtain at the state?

    Please give an answer to me and just give your thoughts in this forum because this is the another SCS theories since Balkan DLC. Remember, Truck Simulator Wiki is a Fandom page of ETS2 and ATS and some Fandom page contains conspiracies as seen on TV.

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    • Before the announcement I actually saw people posting stuff about Texas because they found Texas stuff in ATS base files.

      As comments on the SCS blog indicate, Washington is almost certain to be the next state covered by ATS.  As far as I concern, though, none of the three questions of yours has any answer yet.

      If anyone posts stuff that's neither announced by SCS nor educated guesses (e.g. from existing files), I'd be more than glad if I could remove them, although I know some figures of authority who are more open to these speculative stuff.

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