"The city is in serious trouble due to heavy rainfall in the nearby mountains. Part of the city report food and emergency supply shortage. This flooded area is deemed safe enough to pass with maximum care - try getting supplies to where they are needed the most."

The Flood is a challenge in Dangerous Drives in Scania Truck Driving Simulator.

Challenge Edit

In this challenge, the driver is required to drive through a flooded city with bare visibility, as many remains are found underwater. To get supplies to the other side, the player will need to avoid broken cars, wooden pieces and concrete beams.

Failing the Challenge Edit

It is possible to fail the level by losing its trailer.

World Records Edit

Position Username Country Time Established
1 PiotrMista PL 0:40.99 20.01.2013 20:08:34 UTC
2 zerpou FR 0:42.19 24.07.2012 12:26:47 UTC
3 NxNos Hong Kong 0:42.73 05.09.2012 17:42:27 UTC
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