Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia, which is featured in the Beyond the Baltic Sea map expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2. It has a ferry connection to Helsinki, Finland.

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Tallinn landmarks featured are the Estonian methodist church, the Airport of Tallinn, the Russalka memorial and the Ülemiste lake.

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Tallinn is divided in three parts: the city center features depots of AeroBaltica, Marina and Polaris Lines, a gas station, the Port of Tallinn, a rest stop and a recruitment agency.

The eastern part (Maardu), features a Container Port and depots of Lindakäinen, Nordic Cargo Handling, NS Oil and a garage.

The western part (Saue), features Baltic Metallurgy and Renar Logistik depots and a large Scania truck dealer with service shop. At south of Saue there are depots of Ateria AS and Balteus Yachts.

Connections Edit

  • The T1 runs east towards Kunda and Narva.
  • The T2 runs from the city center towards Tartu.
  • The T4 runs south towards Pärnu.
  • The T11 runs from the T1 towards Paldiski.

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