TOTSO is the abbreviation of "Turn off to stay on", a transportation term to describe a road junction layout where motorists must turn away in order to follow an otherwise continuous numbered route.

This page lists TOTSOs present in all Truck Simulator games.

List of TOTSOs Edit

Euro Truck Simulator Edit

  • United Kingdom
    • M1 at its junction with M62

UK Truck Simulator Edit

  • M1 at its junction with M18 near Sheffield
  • M4 at its junctions (2x) with M5
  • A1 at its junction with M18[1]
  • near Cambridge, with A1 and M11 respectively
  • in the town north of Swansea

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Edit

American Truck Simulator Edit

Notes Edit

  1. To go north, turn left onto the M18 and then right to the M1. The A1 resumes after the M62 junction.
  2. Eastbound truckers should turn right onto A45, and then turn off when they encounter the A5. The A4 resumes at the junction with A7.

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