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Forty-foot containers stacked on a truck

In transport logistics, the abbreviation TEU (Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit) refers to the unit Equivalent Transport. This transport unit has a standard size intermodal container 20 feet. These 20-foot container of standardized modules are called TEU, ie a 20-foot container is a 1 TEU container while one 40-foot container is a container 2 TEUs. This is the standard measure for measuring capacity of containers on ships, trains, etc. Equivalent to a standard container of 6.10m (length) x 2.44m (width) x 2.59m (height), or approximately 39 m3.

Intermodal container Edit

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Forty-foot containers stacked on a truck

Container shipping is different from conventional shipping because it uses 'containers' of various standard sizes - 20 foot (6.09 m), 40 foot (12.18 m) , 45 foot (13.7 m), 48 foot (14.6 m), and 53 foot (16.15 m) - to load, transport, and unload goods. As a result, containers can be moved seamlessly between ships, trucks and trains. The two most important, and most commonly used sizes today, are the 20-foot and 40-foot lengths. The 20-foot container, referred to as a Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit (TEU) became the industry standard reference so now cargo volume and vessel capacity are commonly measured in TEU. The 40-foot length container - literally 2 TEU - became known as the Forty-foot Equivalent Unit (FEU) and is the most frequently used container today.

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A 2TEU trailer infront of a EuroGoodies depot.

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