Szeged is a city in southeastern Hungary. It is first featured in the 1.19 update of the Going East! DLC.


Szeged is located at the south-eastern corner of the Going East! game map. It is also the only Hungarian city aside from Budapest to feature both a truck dealer and a recruitment agency.

Apart from the usual hotel, service shop and garage, there is also a gas station inside the city.


LKWPosped and Trameri have depots in Szeged. An EuroAcres farm is situated on the west side of the city next to the M5 junction.

Connections Edit

All other Hungarian cities featured in the game have direct connection to Szeged:

  • The main road of Budapest continues south as the M5, with its terminal junction to the west of Szeged.
  • A road goes west from Szeged, spans over the M5, and continues west towards Pecs.
  • Another road goes north from Szeged and eventually reaches Debrecen.
  • A section of M43 is introduced in the Road to the Black sea DLC as a connection towards Romania. Despite the highway connecting the city directly in real-life, SCS instead only rendered the half of the highway towards the Hungarian / Romanian border in order to keep the city's rendering consistent.

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