Stokes is a logistics company featured in Euro Truck Simulator, German Truck Simulator, UK Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Description Edit

Stokes' depot design is the basic design you usually run into; it looks just like Tradeaux's, LKW's and Transinet's; a basic rectangle with trailers visible even if you are on the road.

Locations Edit

Country City
900px-Flag of Austria.svg Austria Wien
Flag of Belgium.svg Belgium Liège
FR France Calais
D Germany Düsseldorf
NL Netherlands Amsterdam
PL Poland Katowice
Flag of Slovakia.svg Slovakia Banská Bystrica
CH Switzerland Zürich
GB United Kingdom Aberdeen

Cargo Types Edit

Stokes' warehouses accept and deliver 121 different types of cargo. These types have no common theme and are the same goods, which are also transported by LKW, Posped, Tradeaux and Transinet.

Accepted & Provided
Air Conditioners (DLC), Air Mails, Almond, Apples, Atlantic Cod Fillet, Barley, Beans, Beef, Beverages, Big-Bags of Seeds, Brake Fluid, Braco Vans, Canned Beans, Canned Beef, Canned Pork, Canned Tuna, Carrots, Cars, Caviar, Cement, Cheese, Chemical Sorbent, Chicken Meat, Chimney Systems, Clothes, Computer Processors, Copper Roof Gutters, Cottage Cheese, Cut Flowers, Diesel, Digger 500, Digger 1000, Diggers, Driller D-50 (DLC), Dry Milk, Electronics, Empty Barrels, Empty Palettes, Excavators (DLC), Fish Fingers, Floor Panels, Flour, Fireworks, Forklifts, Fresh Gish, Frozen Hake, Fuel Tanks, Furniture, Gas, Gas Pipeline Parts (DLC), Garlic, Glass Panels, Goat Cheese, Grapes, Graphite, Grass Rolls, Gravel, Grease, Helicopter (DLC), Honey, IBC Containers, Ice Cream, Iron Pipes, Ketchup, Lamb Stomachs, Large Tubes, Liver Paste, Logs, Low Bed Semi-Trailers, Locomotive, Maple Syrup, Mason Jars, Medical Equipment, Metal Cans, Office Paper, Oil, Oil Filters, Onions, Oranges, Ore, Packed Glass, Peanut Butter, Pears, Peas, Pet Food, Petrol, Plastic Film Roles, Plastic Granules, Plums, Polystyrene Boxes, Pork, Pot Flowers (DLC), Potatoes, Post Packages, Precast Stairs, Pressure Tank, Racing Components, Reservoir Tank, Rice, Roller DYNA CC-1100 (DLC), Roof Tiles, Roofing felt, Rooflights, Rye, Sand, Sandwich Panels, Salmon Fillet, Salt & Spices, Sausages, Sawdust Panels, Sheep Wool, Shock Absorbers, Smoked Eel, Smoked Sprats, Straw Bales, Sugar, Square Tubing, Tableware, Tires, Tomatoes, Toys, Tracks (DLC), Tractor RS-666 (DLC), Tractors, Transmissions, Truck Batteries, Truck Rims, Truck Tires, Used Plastics, Used Packaging, Ventilation Shaft, Vinegar, Watermelons, Wheat, Wind Turbine Nacelle (DLC), Wood Bark, Wood Shavings, Yacht (DLC), Yoghurt

Trivia Edit

  • Weißinger
    The logo of Stokes looks almost the same as the one of the Stuttgart based company Weißinger.

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