Steering Knobs or Brodie Knobs are a customizable feature of American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. They are attached to the steering wheel. There are six different knobs, which are the same in both games.

The feature has been added to the games in August 2016 with the updates 1.4 (ATS) and 1.25 (ETS2).

Steering Knob Positions

There are four positions on the steering wheel, where you can attach the steering knobs. They are marked with red points in the picture on the right.

Steering Knobs Edit

Name Price Picture
Standard Blue $20.-
Steering Knob Standard Blue
Standard Green $20.-
Steering Knob Standard Green
Standard Red $20.-
Steering Knob Standard Red
Carbon $40.-
Steering Knob Carbon
Chrome $40.-
Steering Knob Chrome
Wood $40.-
Steering Knob Wood
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