Speed camera is a camera which may be mounted beside or over a road or installed in an enforcement vehicle to detect motoring offenses. It consists of a speed limit that when exceeded by the vehicle generates a message in the central station. It is interesting that speeding fines are avoided and the prevention of accidents that may cause casualties or cargo loss.

Euro Truck Simulator Edit

In Euro Truck Simulator, one may receive speed tickets if they drive over the speed limit for a continuous moment. Fines can be received almost everywhere and doesn't depend on fixed locations.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Edit

Speed cameras were introduced in Euro Truck Simulator 2. From now on, the speeding ticket system is based on precise control locations, in the shape of speed cameras, also known as radar, along the road.

The cameras are featured in the majority of the countries in the game, with notable exceptions like Belgium or Luxembourg (although these two countries use fixed and mobile speed cameras in the reality).

Should one exceed the speed limit by 5 km/h or more when passing a speed camera, a ticket will be immediately issued.

Speed cameras may, or may not, be signalled by a warning sign.

However, update 1.27 introduced police cars in the traffic. Like their American counterpart, these cars can issue tickets (speed, lights, red light, collision) to any infringer in their vicinity.

American Truck Simulator Edit

There are speed cameras along freeways and attached to traffic lights and light poles in towns in American Truck Simulator, but the police in ATS can issue speeding tickets if the player is speeding. There are no warning signs for speed cameras in ATS.

Gallery Edit

Country Warning sign Speed camera
Austria Austria radar warning Austria radar
Belgium N/A
Bulgaria Placeholder Picture Placeholder Picture
Czech Republic CZ radar warning CZ speed camera
Denmark Denmark radar warning Denmark speed camera
Estonia Estonia speed camera warning Estonia speed camera
Finland Placeholder Picture Finland speed camera
France France radar warning France speed control
Germany Germany radar warning Germany radar
Hungary Hungary radar warning Hundary speed camera
Italy Italy radar warning Italy speed control
Latvia Placeholder Picture Latvia speed camera
Lithuania Placeholder Picture Lithuania speed camera
Luxembourg N/A
Netherlands Netherlands radar warning Netherlands speed camera
Norway Norway radar warning Norway radar
Poland Poland radar warning Speed controller
Romania Placeholder Picture Placeholder Picture
Russia Placeholder Picture Placeholder Picture
Slovakia Slovakia radar warning Slovakia radar
Sweden Sweden radar warning Sweden radar
Switzerland Switzerland radar warning Switzerland radar
Turkey Placeholder Picture Placeholder Picture
United Kingdom UK radar warning UK speed camera

Trivia Edit

  • Like in real life, you may not receive a ticket if you only exceed the speed limit by a small margin (≤4 km/h).
  • In Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, the average speed check is simplified into a single gantry that acts like a normal speed check.
  • Models of speed cameras in game may not represent actual speed cameras. In-game German cameras are fictional, there is no such model in use in the reality. This also applies to their Swiss rendition.
  • Although in-game French radars from the vanilla game are exact copies of the real Mesta 3rd Series, it is very unlikely to encounter them over a gantry. The vast majority of radars are placed on the middle or the side of the road.
  • Later cameras (Pariflex Falco) from Vive la France! expansion are this time, realistically placed (although it is again very unlikely to find two speed cameras at the exact some location).
  • In Switzerland, there is a warning sign before a speed camera. However, in real-life Switzerland, announcing a speed control by any mean is forbidden and consist a severe offence.
  • Despite speed controls are always warned in the ETS2 rendition, there is no regulation for systematical road signing.
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