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"Spain is a storied country of stone castles, snowcapped mountains, vast monuments, and sophisticated cities, all of which have made it a favoured travel destination. The country is geographically and culturally diverse."
— Official Euro Truck Simulator 2 Website

Spain (Spanish: España) is a country in Southwestern Europe, featured in Euro Truck Simulator and in the Iberia DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2.[1][2]

The country is bordered by France and Andorra to the north, Portugal to the west and the British exclave of Gibraltar to the south. Spain also shares border with Morocco by its African exclaves.

Accessible Cities[]

In Euro Truck Simulator, only two cities, Barcelona and Madrid, are featured. Thirty-seven more cities were added in the Iberia DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2. In total, 39 Spanish cities are featured in ETS 2, making the country with the highest number of accessible in-game cities.

City Name Image First Game Remarks
A Coruña A Coruña view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Albacete Albacete view 2.png ETS 2 Iberia
Algeciras Algeciras La Menacha view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Almaraz Almaraz view.png ETS 2 Iberia Power plant in Spain
Almería Almeria view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Badajoz Badajoz view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Bailén Bailen view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Barcelona Barcelona view 6.png ETS 1
Bilbao Bilbao view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Burgos Burgos view 2.png ETS 2 Iberia
Ciudad Real Ciudad Real view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Córdoba Cordoba view 3.png ETS 2 Iberia
El Ejido El Ejido view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Gijón Gijon view 2.png ETS 2 Iberia
Granada Granada view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Huelva Huelva view.png ETS 2 Iberia
León Leon view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Lleida Lleida view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Madrid Madrid view 2.png ETS 1 Capital
Málaga Malaga view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Mengíbar Mengibar view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Murcia Murcia view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Navia Navia view.png ETS 2 Iberia Paper plant in Spain
O Barco O Barco view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Pamplona Pamplona skyline.png ETS 2 Iberia
Port de Sagunt Port de Sagunt view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Puertollano Puertollano view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Salamanca Salamanca view 2.png ETS 2 Iberia
Santander Santander view 3.png ETS 2 Iberia
Sevilla Sevilla view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Soria Soria view 1.png ETS 2 Iberia Added in update 1.43
Tarragona Tarragona view 2.png ETS 2 Iberia
Teruel Teruel skyline.png ETS 2 Iberia
València Valencia view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Valladolid Valladolid view 3.png ETS 2 Iberia
Vandellòs Vandellos view.png ETS 2 Iberia Power plant in Spain
Vigo Vigo view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Vila-real Vila-real view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Zaragoza Zaragoza view 5.png ETS 2 Iberia


There are two types of highways in Spain: Autovía with prefix "A" and they're free highways, and Autopista with prefix "AP" they're highways with tolls.

ETS 1[]

4 Euroroutes are featured in Euro Truck Simulator.

E5 E15 E80 E90
E5 icon.png
Madrid – E80
E15 icon.png
Barcelona – France
E80 icon.png
France – Portugal
E90 icon.png
Barcelona – Madrid – Portugal

5 Autovías and 3 Autopistas are featured in Euro Truck Simulator.

A-1 AP-1 A-2 AP-2
Spain A1 ets1 icon.png
Madrid – AP1 / A8
Spain AP1 ets1 icon.png
France (A63) – A1 / A8
Spain A2 ets1 icon.png
Madrid – Barcelona
Spain AP2 ets1 icon.png
Madrid – Barcelona
A-5 AP-7 A-8 A-62
Spain A5 ets1 icon.png
Madrid – Portugal
Spain AP7 ets1 icon.png
Barcelona – France
Spain A8 ets1 icon.png
A1 / AP1 – A62
Spain A62 ets1 icon.png
A8 – Portugal

ETS 2[]

Highways in Spain are divided into two groups: Autopistas and Autovías. Both types of highways have similar standards, but Autopistas are usually tolled and have sequential numbering for their exits, while Autovías are always toll-free and have a distance-based numbering for their exits. Autopistas and Autovías may be interurban, regional or urban. There are 57 Spanish highways featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2: 32 interurban, 5 regional and 23 urban.

Interurban Autopistas and Autovías[]

Interurban Autopistas and Autovías are managed by the Spanish central government. Interurban Autopistas are named with an "AP-" prefix, while interurban Autovías are named with an "A-" prefix. Road icons for both Autopistas and Autovías always have a blue background.

A-1 AP-1 A-2
Spain A1 icon.png
Madrid (M-40) - Burgos (AP-1)
Spain AP1 icon.png
Burgos (A-1) - AP-8
Spain A2 icon.png
Madrid (M-40) - Zaragoza (AP-2)
AP-2 A-3 A-4
Spain AP2 icon.png
Zaragoza (A-2) - AP-7
Spain A3 icon.png
Madrid (M-40) - Valencia (AP-7)
Spain A4 icon.png
Madrid (M-45) - Sevilla (AP-4)
AP-4 A-5 A-6
Spain AP4 icon.png
Sevilla (A-4) - Algeciras (AP-7)
Spain A5 icon.png
Madrid (M-40) - Portugal (A6)
Spain A6 icon.png
Madrid (M-40) - A Coruña (AG-55)
A-7 AP-7 A-8
Spain A7 icon.png
Murcia (AP-7) - Málaga (AP-7)
Spain AP7 icon.png
France (A9) - Murcia (A-7) - ... - Málaga (A-7) - Algeciras
Spain A8 icon.png
Bilbao (AP-8) - A-6
AP-8 AP-9 A-10
Spain AP8 icon.png
France (A63) - Bilbao (A-8)
Spain AP9 icon.png
A Coruña - Vigo (A-55)
Spain A10 icon.png
Pamplona (AP-15) - Pamplona (Nos Pâturages)
AP-15 A-23 A-27
Spain AP15 icon.png
AP-68 - Pamplona (A-10)
Spain A23 icon.png
Port de Sagunt (V-23) - Zaragoza (A-2)
Spain A27 icon.png
Tarragona (T-11) - La Pobla de Mafumet
A-30 A-31 A-32
Spain A30 icon.png
Albacete (A-31) - Murcia
Spain A31 icon.png
A-3/A-43 - Albacete (A-30)
Spain A32 icon.png
Bailén (A-44) - N-322
A-41 A-43 A-44
Spain A41 icon.png
Ciudad Real (A-43) - Puertollano (N-420)
Spain A43 icon.png
Ciudad Real (A-41) - A-3/A-31
Spain A44 icon.png
Bailén (A-4) - A-7
A-45 A-49 A-52
Spain A45 icon.png
Córdoba (CO-32) - Málaga (A-7)
Spain A49 icon.png
Sevilla (SE-30) - Portugal (A22)
Spain A52 icon.png
A-6/A-66 - Vigo (A-55)
A-55 A-62 A-66
Spain A55 icon.png
Vigo (AP-9) - Portugal (A3)
Spain A62 icon.png
Burgos (A-1) - Portugal (A25)
Spain A66 icon.png
Gijón (A-8) - A-6/A-52 - ... - Salamanca (A-62) - Sevilla (SE-30)
AP-68 A-75
Spain AP68 icon.png
Bilbao (AP-8) - Zaragoza (A-2)
Spain A75 icon.png
A-52 - Portugal (A24)

Regional Autopistas and Autovías[]

Regional Autopistas and Autovías are managed by Autonomous Communities, the first-level administrative divisions of Spain. Regional highways are usually named with the initial letters of the Community; for example 'AG-' stands for Galicia, ' C-' for Catalonia, and 'M-' for Madrid. Some regional highways may be named with the 'A-' prefix, too. Regional highways' road icons can be blue or orange, depending on the Autonomous Community.

A-92 A-231 AG-55
Spain A92 icon.png
Granada (A-44) - Almería (A-7)
Spain A231 icon.png
Burgos (BU-30) - León (A-66)
Spain AG55 icon.png
A Coruña - Arteixo (A-6)
C-31 M-45
Spain C31 icon.png
Barcelona (B-10) - Barcelona Airport
Spain M45 icon.png
Madrid ring road

City accesses and ring roads[]

In Spain, most of the ring roads and accesses to the cities are managed by the central government, even though some of them may be municipal. All of them are named with the initial letters of the city they serve; for example, 'AC-' stands for A Coruña, 'B-' stands for Barcelona', 'CO-' stands for Córdoba, and so on. Urban roads that have the standards of a highway have a blue icon, the rest of them have a red icon.

AC-14 AP-9V B-10
Spain AC14 icon.png
A Coruña south access
Spain AP9V icon.png
Vigo east access
Spain B10 icon.png
Barcelona coastal ring road
BA-20 BU-30 CA-34
Spain BA20 icon.png
Badajoz east access
Spain BU30 icon.png
Burgos ring road
Spain CA34 icon.png
Gibraltar access
CO-31 CO-32 GJ-81
Spain CO31 icon.png
Córdoba east beltway
Spain CO32 icon.png
Córdoba west beltway
Spain GJ81 icon.png
Gijón south access
H-30 M-40 MA-21
Spain H30 icon.png
Huelva ring road
Spain M40 icon.png
Madrid ring road
Spain MA21 icon.png
Málaga west access
MA-22 S-10 SA-20
Spain MA22 icon.png
Port of Málaga access
Spain S10 icon.png
Santander east access
Spain SA20 icon.png
Salamanca south beltway
SE-30 T-11 V-23
Spain SE30 icon.png
Sevilla ring road
Spain T11 icon.png
Tarragona north access
Spain V23 icon.png
Port de Sagunt access
V-30 V-31 VA-20
Spain V30 icon.png
Valencia ring road
Spain V31 icon.png
Valencia south access
Spain VA20 icon.png
Valladolid east beltway
VA-30 Z-40
Spain VA30 icon.png
Valladolid outer ring road
Spain Z40 icon.png
Zaragoza ring road

Carreteras Nacionales[]

Carreteras Nacionales ("National Roads") are interurban two-lane roads managed by the Spanish central government. They are named with a 'N-' prefix and have red-colored road icons. There are 11 Carreteras Nacionales featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

N-120 N-121-A N-234
Spain N120 icon.png
A-52 - A-6
Spain N121-A icon.png
Pamplona (AP-15) - AP-8
Spain N234 icon.png
A-23 - A-2 - ... - A-2 - A-1
N-322 N-420 N-430
Spain N322 icon.png
A-32 - Albacete (A-31)
Spain N420 icon.png
Teruel (A-23) - TREE-ET - ... - Puertollano - A-4
Spain N430 icon.png
Ciudad Real - A-5
N-431 N-432 N-433
Spain N431 icon.png
Huelva north access
Spain N432 icon.png
Granada access
Spain N433 icon.png
Portugal - A-66
N-442 N-644
Spain N442 icon.png
Huelva south access
Spain N644 icon.png
Port of Bilbao access


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