Spain (Spanish: España) is a country in southwestern Europe.

The country is bordered by France and Andorra to the north, Portugal to the west and British exclave of Gibraltar to the south. Spain also shares border with Morocco by its African exclaves.

Spain is featured in the original Euro Truck Simulator and will be featured in the Euro Truck Simulator 2: Iberia DLC.[1][2]

Accessible Cities[edit | edit source]

City Name Image First Game Remarks
A Coruña Placeholder Picture.png ETS 2 Iberia
Algeciras Iberia Blog 146.jpg ETS 2 Iberia
Almaraz Iberia Blog 66.jpg ETS 2 Iberia Power plant in Spain
Almería Iberia Blog 132.jpg ETS 2 Iberia
Barcelona Barcelona view.png ETS 1
Bilbao Iberia Blog 151.jpg ETS 2 Iberia
Ciudad Real Placeholder Picture.png ETS 2 Iberia
Gijón Iberia Blog 7.jpg ETS 2 Iberia
Huelva Iberia Blog 134.jpg ETS 2 Iberia
Lleida Placeholder Picture.png ETS 2 Iberia
Madrid Madrid view W.jpg ETS 1 Capital
Málaga SCS Blog Málaga.jpg ETS 2 Iberia
Santander Ss 328a242cb7310c8782cc381529b6374a86be3623.600x338.jpg ETS 2 Iberia
Sevilla Placeholder Picture.png ETS 2 Iberia
Tarragona Iberia Blog 131.jpg ETS 2 Iberia
València Iberia Blog 153.jpg ETS 2 Iberia
Valladolid Iberia Blog 36.jpg ETS 2 Iberia
Vigo Iberia Blog 29.jpg ETS 2 Iberia
Zaragoza Placeholder Picture.png ETS 2 Iberia

Roads[edit | edit source]

There are two types of highways in Spain: Autovía with prefix "A", and Autopista with prefix "AP".

ETS 1[edit | edit source]

Five Autovías and three Autopistas are featured in Euro Truck Simulator.

A-1 AP-1 A-2 AP-2
Spain A1 icon.png
Madrid – AP1 / A8
Spain AP1 icon.png
France (A63) – A1 / A8
Spain A2 icon.png
Madrid – Barcelona
Spain AP2 icon.png
Madrid – Barcelona
A-5 AP-7 A-8 A-62
Spain A5 icon.png
Madrid – Portugal
Spain AP7 icon.png
Barcelona – France
Spain A8 icon.png
A1 / AP1 – A62
Spain A62 icon.png
A8 – Portugal

ETS 2[edit | edit source]


References[edit | edit source]

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