The seaport is an important kind of facility found in Euro Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2, and allows truckers to cross water bodies, some of which are impassable otherwise.

Development History Edit

Euro Truck Simulator Edit

The first seaports appear in Euro Truck Simulator Gold Edition, which features United Kingdom, an island nation. The only way to access the country is to take a ride on either a ship or a cross-channel shuttle train. Therefore, rendering at least two ports for truckers to board a vessel is necessary. To this end, the Port of Calais and Port of Dover were introduced as the first ever seaports that allow truckers to travel in between.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Edit

In the vanilla Euro Truck Simulator 2, ports are still targeted at providing access to / from the United Kingdom. With a more detailed map than the preceding game, ETS 2 provides four ports in Britain, and three on the continent (Channel Tunnel excluded in both cases), so that truckers can make shorter trips between cities and ports.

Another batch of ports are introduced with the release of Scandinavia map expansion. While Scandinavian countries are themselves accessible by roads, the Baltic Sea nonetheless form a kind of natural barrier and makes some movements very circuitous if no ship trip is involved. In total, 15 ports are added across Scandinavia and the European continent. In particular, all four featured cities in Norway have a port to each of them, allowing truckers to avoid the country's mountainous roads.

Usage Guide Edit

  1. To travel through seaports, a trucker should drive the truck onto a "seaport" hotspot. That spot may appear in the seaport's parking lot, waiting area, or even inside a sea vessel.
  2. An information dialog would appear, instructing the trucker to press a button for travelling options (For PC's, the default is "Enter").
  3. If the trucker activates the button, another dialog appears, either to ask the trucker's confirmation to travel (in ETS 1), or to show a list of ship routes available at that port (in ETS 2). If a route is chosen, another confirmation dialog may appear.
  4. If the truckers presses "Yes" on the confirmation dialog(s), the system deducts the ship fee from the trucker's bank account, and ports the trucker to the destination port's "seaport" hotspot. Truckers can either resume driving there, or press "Enter" for another ship trip.

The Channel Tunnel is effectively a special kind of seaport in the game, as the method of usage is almost identical.

List of Seaports Edit

The following table lists all seaports appearing in ETS 1 and / or ETS 2. The names of seaports follow those shown on in-game signs. Expansions necessary for truckers to travel through a particular seaport are also listed.

Port Country First Game Expansion Required Image
Bergen Norway ETS 2 Scandinavia
Bergen ferryport
Cagliari Italy ETS 2 Italia (update 1.35)
Calais France ETS 1 ETS 1: Gold Edition
ETS 2: None
Ets2 00041
Dover United Kingdom ETS 1 ETS 1: Gold Edition
ETS 2: None
Ets2 00026
Esbjerg Denmark ETS 2 Scandinavia
Esbjerg ferry entrance
Europoort Netherlands ETS 2 None
Europoort seafront
Frederikshavn Denmark ETS 2 Scandinavia
Frederikshavn View
Gdańsk Poland ETS 2 Going East + Scandinavia
Ets2 00168
Gdynia Poland ETS 2 Going East + Scandinavia
Ets2 00133
Gedser Denmark ETS 2 Scandinavia
Gedser Ferry
Göteborg Sweden ETS 2 Scandinavia
Ets2 00190
Harwich United Kingdom ETS 2 None
Harwich ferry
Helsinki Finland ETS 2 Beyond the Baltic Sea
Baltics Blog 80
Hirtshals Denmark ETS 2 Scandinavia
Hirtshals entrance
Hull United Kingdom ETS 2 None (Scandinavia for route to Denmark)
Hull View
IJmuiden Netherlands ETS 2 None
IJmuiden ferry exit
Kapellskär Sweden ETS 2 Scandinavia (update 1.33)
Kapellskär view
Kristiansand Denmark ETS 2 Scandinavia
Kristiansand port
Liepāja Latvia ETS 2 Beyond the Baltic Sea
Liepāja view 2
Messina Italy ETS 2 Italia
Messina port
Naantali Finland ETS 2 Beyond the Baltic Sea
Naantali port
Napoli Italy ETS 2 Italia
Eolo Lines Dock Napoli
Newcastle-upon-Tyne United Kingdom ETS 2 None
Newcastle Port
Nynäshamn Sweden ETS 2 Going East + Scandinavia + Beyond the Baltic Sea
Nynashamn ferry
Oslo Norway ETS 2 Scandinavia
Oslo Seaport
Paldiski Estonia ETS 2 Beyond the Baltic Sea
Paldiski port
Palermo Italy ETS 2 Italia
Palermo port
Plymouth United Kingdom UKTS (city) ETS 2 Vive la France! (The city itself needs no expansion)
Plymouth skyline
Roscoff France ETS 2 Vive la France!
Roscoff port
Rostock Germany ETS 2 Scandinavia
Rostock harbour
Stavanger Norway ETS 2 Scandinavia
Stavanger harbour
Tallinn Estonia ETS 2 Beyond the Baltic Sea
Tallinn ferry port
Travemünde Germany ETS 2 None (update 1.33)
Travemünde view
Trelleborg Sweden ETS 2 Scandinavia
Trelleborg view
Ventspils Latvia ETS 2 Beyond the Baltic Sea
Ventspils entrance
Verkö Sweden ETS 2 Going East + Scandinavia
Verkö ferryport
Villa San Giovanni Italy ETS 2 Italia
Villa San Giovanni entrance sign

Steam Achievement Edit

The following ETS 2 Steam achievements are directly related to seaports:

Icon Name Description
ETS2 Achievement Sardine Sardine Utilize a boat
ETS2 Achievement Successfully docked Successfully docked Use all ports in the game (counts sea and train ports)

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