Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack is a DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2 released on September 16, 2016.

It includes, besides the five different trailers, based on models from the Austrian trailer manufacturer, a Schwarzmüller cup and a Schwarzmüller pennant as interior decorations.

As of Update 1.35, Schwarzmuller Trailers are now redesigned and ownable simmilar to Krone Trailer Pack.

Features Edit

Trailers Edit

The trailers included in this pack are both purchasable and customizable. They are also available at normal freight market and quick jobs and can be seen in the AI traffic.

Name Price Image Cargo types Notes
Platform €58,135
ETS2 Schwarzmüller Platform
General, dry goods Added in the update 1.35
Slide-Post €64,535
ETS2 Schwarzmüller Slide-Post
Logs, beams or tubes Added in the update 1.35
Refrigerated €143,135
ETS2 Schwarzmüller Refrigerated
Frozen, chilled goods Added in the update 1.35

Non-ownable Trailers Edit

These trailers can not be bought and are only available at Quick JobsFreight Market and World of Trucks contracts.

Name Image Cargo types Notes
Curtain Sider
ETS2 Schwarzmüller Curtain Sider
General, dry goods
Refrigerated Trailer
ETS2 Schwarzmüller Refrigerated Trailer
Frozen, chilled goods
Food Cistern
ETS2 Schwarzmüller Food Cistern
Liquids This trailer isn't a product of the Schwarzmüller range.
Low Bed
ETS2 Schwarzmüller Low Bed
Construction equipment and materials
Logging Trailer
ETS2 Schwarzmüller Logging Trailer
Wooden logs

Accessories Edit

Trivia Edit

  • During the December 20, 2018 Christmas Stream, SCS Software announced they wanted the Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack to act in the same way as the Krone Trailer Pack, meaning that some ownable trailer might be added in the future.[1]
  • SCS Software has confirmed in the blog post Trailer News Part 2 [2] , which in the 1.35 update, DLC Schwarzmüller trailers will be purchaseble and customisable and worked similar to DLC Krone, being initially the trailers: Curtain Sider, Refrigerated Trailer and Logging Trailer.

References Edit

  1. Reddit : SCS Stream Notes - December 20, 2018

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