Sümeg is a town in Hungary with about 6,000 inhabitants. In Euro Truck Simulator 2 (Going East! DLC v1.19 update), it appears as a landmark with its famous castle.

Real-world history Edit

Sümeg was populated in the Bronze Age and the Roman Age, even the ruins of an Ancient Christian basilica were found.

Sümeg was first mentioned in 1292, its castle in 1318. During the Turkish invasion of Hungary, it became an important defense center. The bishop of Veszprém lived here between 1553 and 1762. After Rákóczi's War of Independence (1703-1711), the castle was destroyed by the winning Habsburgs. During the 1960s, the castle was under excavation. Since then, the castle was restored, and became a popular tourist destination.

Position Edit

The town can be found along Road 84, which connects Road 8 with the M7 motorway.

Sümeg is featured in the version 1.19 update of the Going East! DLC.

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