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"Romania is a large (238,397 square kilometres) and wonderful country with a unique spirit and cultural tradition. A reason for this lies in the fact that the country is at the crossroad of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe. Many different influences met in Romania during its rich history, and marks of these can be seen even today - for example in the number of architectural landmarks."
— Official Euro Truck Simulator 2 Website

Romania (Romanian: România) is a country in Southeastern Europe, featured in the Road to the Black Sea DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2.[1][2][3]

The country is bordered by Hungary to the west, Serbia to the southwest, Bulgaria to the south, Ukraine to the north, and Moldova to the east.

Accessible Cities[]

There are sixteen accessible cities in Romania.

City Name Image Remarks
Bacău Bacau view.png
Brașov Brasov view.png
București Bucuresti north view.png Capital
Călărași Calarasi view 1.png
Cernavodă Cernavoda view.png
Cluj-Napoca Cluj-Napoca view 2.png
Constanța Constanta view 1.png
Craiova Craiova view 2.png
Galați Galati view 4.png
Hunedoara Hunedoara view 2.png
Iași Iasi view 4.png
Mangalia Mangalia view.png
Pitești Pitesti view 1.png
Reșița Resita view 1.png
Târgu Mureș Targu Mures view 1.png
Timișoara Timisoara view 4.png


14 Euroroutes are featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2:

E58 E60 E68 E70 E79
Romania E58 icon.png
Târgu Frumos – Iaşi
Romania E60 icon.png
Hungary – A3; A3 – Brașov; București – Urziceni
Romania E68 icon.png
Hungary; Aradul Nou – Sebeș
Romania E70 icon.png
A6 – Craiova; București – Bulgaria
Romania E79 icon.png
Bulgaria – DJ582; Borş – Hungary
E81 E85 E87 E574 E578
Romania E81 icon.png
Cluj Napoca; A3 – Sebeș; Piteşti – Constanţa
Romania E85 icon.png
Bulgaria – Buzău; Bacău – DN28
Romania E87 icon.png
Bulgaria – DN22D; DN22D – Brăila; DN2B – Galaţi
Romania E574 icon.png
Craiova – Bacău
Romania E578 icon.png
Reghin – Toplița
E583 E584 E671 E673
Romania E583 icon.png
DN2 – Iași
Romania E584 icon.png
DN2 – Galaţi
Romania E671 icon.png
A1 – Aradul Nou
Romania E673 icon.png
A1 – DN7 – A1

5 Motorways (Autostradă) are featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2:

A1 A2 A3 A4 A6
Romania A1.png
Hungary – DN68A; DN7 – DN1; DN73 – București
Romania A2.png
București – Constanța
Romania A3.png
Cluj-Napoca – Târgu Mureș
Romania A4.png
DN22 – A2 – DN39
Romania A6.png
DN6 – A1

27 National roads (Drumuri naționale) are featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2:

Romania DN1.png
Hungary – A3; A3 – Sebeș
Romania DN2.png
București – Buzău; Bacău – DN28
Romania DN2B.png
Buzău – Galați
Romania DN3.png
A2 – Călărași
Romania DN3B.png
DN21 – A2
DN5 DN6 DN7 DN11 DN13
Romania DN5.png
Bulgaria – București
Romania DN6.png
A6 – Craiova
Romania DN7.png
A1 – DN68A – A1
Romania DN11.png
Brașov – Bacău
Romania DN13.png
Brașov – Târgu Mureș
DN15 DN15B DN21 DN21B DN22
Romania DN15.png
Târgu Mureș – DN15B
Romania DN15B.png
DN15 – DN28A
Romania DN21.png
Călărași – DN3B
Romania DN21B.png
DN3 – Călărași
Romania DN22.png
Brăila – DN22D – Constanța
DN22B DN22D DN24A DN26 DN28
Romania DN22B.png
Brăila – Galați
Romania DN22D.png
DN22 – DN22
Romania DN24A.png
DN26 – DN28
Romania DN26.png
Galați – DN24A
Romania DN28.png
DN2 – DN24A
DN28A DN39 DN58 DN65 DN66
Romania DN28A.png
DN15B – DN28
Romania DN39.png
Bulgaria – Constanța
Romania DN58.png
Reșița – DN6
Romania DN65.png
Bulgaria – Pitești
Romania DN66.png
DN6 – Hunedoara
DN68A DN73
Romania DN68A.png
A1 – DN7
Romania DN73.png
Pitești – Brașov

2 County roads (Drumuri județene) are featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2:

DJ582 DJ687
Romania DJ582.png
Reșița – DN6
Romania DJ687.png
A1 – Hunedoara – DN66


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