"There are roads with an international reputation for being dangerous. Roads which test the driver to the limit. Roads where it's not just about reaching the destination with undamaged cargo but making it alive and in one piece. Do you want to try?"

Road Of Death is a challenge in Dangerous Drives in Scania Truck Driving Simulator.

Challenge Edit

In this challenge, the driver is required to haul a trailer through tight passages in a narrow road, bordered by cliffs. Multiple vehicles, rock formations and cones obstruct the driver's way.

Failing the Challenge Edit

It is possible to fail the level by falling into the void or by losing its trailer.

World Records Edit

Position Username Country Time Established
1 Lehel15 Romanian 1:28.69 08.10.2018 17:15:51 UTC
2 PiotrMista PL 1:28.87 21.03.2013 14:10:52 UTC
3 CelsoSniper Brazil 1:30.21 15.07.2012 23:51:24 UTC
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