Reims is a city in France introduced in Euro Truck Simulator 2. It's the closest featured city to Paris in that game.

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The known landmarks of Reims are the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Abbey of Saint-Remi, the Stade Auguste-Delaune and the Tour des Argonautes.

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EuroGoodies and Kaarfor have depots in the city. There's also a garage, a hotel, a recruitment agency and a service shop in Reims.

On the minor road running northeast of the city, there's an EuroAcres farm and a Stein Bruch quarry. The distance between Reims proper and the quarry is, in fact, about as large as the distance between Reims and Paris.

Connections Edit

The A4 runs east-west through the city. As both accesses to Reims intersect the Autoroute at T-junctions, a speed limit of 50km/h is imposed at that part of the Auroroute. (In real-life the Autoroute bypasses the city to the south)

The A26 starts on the A4 to the west of the city, and heads north towards Lille and Belgium, becoming the A2 some distance to the north.

A long minor road intersects the A4 to the east of the city. Both the E-Acres farm and the Stein Bruch quarry are connected to Reims proper by this minor road. To the north the road enters Belgium, while to the south the road crosses the A31 and eventually ends on the A35.

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