Redding is a city in California. It is featured in American Truck Simulator.

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Companies Edit

Eight companies have depots in or near the city:

  • A Bitumen depot is situated in the city to the west of the Interstate 5.
  • A Bushnell Farm is well to the south of the city.
  • A Deepgrove harvest site is situated to the northeast of the city.
  • An Eddy's supermarket accepts cargo but doesn't give out any.
  • A Gallon Oil refinery is to the east of the city. The gas station in the city is also run by Gallon.
  • A Sell Goods warehouse is to the south of the Bitumen depot.
  • A Voltison Motors yard is to the south of the Sell Goods warehouse, close to the city's southern entrance.
  • A Wallbert warehouse is next to the Eddy's store, and on the opposite side of the recruitment agency.

Facilities Edit

Facilities available to truckers in or around Redding include:

There's also a full-fledged service area (with gas station and weigh station) on the Interstate 5 to the south of Redding.

Other features Edit

A bridge in the city is signed as crossing the Sacramento River.

Connections Edit

Redding is located on the junction of three routes:

In addition, the USCA97 runs from I-5 in Weed north of Redding to Klamath Falls and Bend, Oregon to the north.

History Edit

In the initial version of American Truck Simulator, Interstate 5 had a TOTSO north of Redding as it intersected with Churn Creek Road at a cloverleaf interchange. US 395 began at an at-grade four-way junction with Churn Creek Road and headed east towards Nevada, while SR 299 began at a diamond interchange with Interstate 5 on Cypress Avenue and headed west to Eureka.

In update 1.5, which changed the map scale from 1:35 to 1:20, Interstate 5's TOTSO was removed as its route was straightened. Churn Creek Road was truncated from the cloverleaf interchange to Hartnell Avenue, as Interstate 5 intersected there with a new freeway section of SR 299, which began at an at-grade three-way junction with Market Street and ended to the east of a new diamond interchange with Victor Avenue. From there, SR 299 headed east towards Nevada on the previous route of US 395. The previous section of SR 299 in Redding was redesignated as SR 44.

In update 1.31, the cloverleaf interchange of Interstate 5 and SR 299 was rebuilt.

In update 1.35, SR 299 east of the at-grade three-way junction with Market Street was redesignated as SR 44, as the junction became an at-grade four-way junction and SR 299 was moved to a new section of Market Street and Lake Boulevard, of which on the former a garage was added and on the latter a diamond interchange with Interstate 5. East of Interstate 5, SR 299 headed east to Alturas, passing a new Deepgrove harvest site. The previous section of SR 44 was undesignated.

Trivia Edit

  • Before 1.35 release, in the blog post from SCS called New Road Connections[1], it was quoted that a Truck Dealer would be added, but at the final launch of the update, no dealership was added. Possibly Redding will have the Truck Dealer of the next manufacturer in the future.

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