The Recruitment Agency screen, showing available drivers for hire and their respective skills.

A Recruitment Agency is a place where you can find drivers to hire for your virtual company. Recruiting your own drivers is a big step towards higher profits.

Recruitment agencies can be found in most larger cities of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. All recruitment agencies have to be discovered first by passing the street in front of it and after that they will be marked with Recruitment ico on the map. Once an agency is discovered one can also access them via the game menu screen.

The agency charges a one-time fee of 1,500 for each driver you hire. Once you hire a driver, you have to choose which garage and truck that he/she will be based at. If you don't have an available truck, you can place the driver in an empty garage slot until you do. It is also possible to assign trailers to your drivers.

When the driver has a truck he/she will start to work immediately. The driver will always attempt to schedule hauls from their home city out and then back again to minimize downtime, but occasionally no suitable cargo will be found for the return trip.

Rating Edit

Under each driver's name you will find a rating that describes how efficient the driver is. As the driver completes more deliveries for you, this rating will increase and you will see higher profits on each haul.

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Driver Job@net

Wage Edit

Below the rating you will find the starting wage that the driver is asking. Whenever your new driver completes a job, this fee will be deducted from the job income along with any fuel and toll expenses. As the driver gains rating and skills, the wage will go up accordingly.

Skills Edit

The final information displayed about each available driver is his/her skills. These will go up in time, but it is still a good idea to get a driver with a variety of skills. Long distance is the most wanted skill for making money, then ADR. Even eco driving can make a difference.

The default setting for skill improvements of a hired driver is "Balanced". You can find it on driver's detail in Driver Manager section of your Company Manager. It's recommended to change it to more specific skill, like Long distance or ADR.

It's good to put at least one point onto each skill, because it makes more jobs available and when driver don't find an appropriate job, he's going back empty (which costs money).

Trivia Edit

  • SCS Software has only given the possibility for a maximum of 278 drivers. After this, there won't be anymore drivers in the recruitment agency although there are way more garage slots available.
  • In American Truck Simulator, the maximum amount of drivers is 120 out of 278 in the game because of the amount of garages in such large cities.