Poznań is one of the three Polish cities introduced in the original Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS 2) map. Aligning with other Polish cities in ETS 2, Poznań can be accessed via many different roads, even more so with the release of Going East expansion.

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The following landmarks in Poznań are rendered in ETS 2: (All links are in Polish)

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Three companies, FCP, Kaarfor and Stokes, have depots in Poznań. The three depots are quite close to each other, separated only by a side street junction.

The facilities in Poznań occupy the eastern accessible portion, including a bus station, a garage, a hotel, a recruitment agency, and a service shop.

Further east, just beyond the city limits, a TREE-ET mill can be found. It is one of the easternmost accessible locations in the original ETS 2.

Connections Edit

The only numbered highway running near Poznań is the A2, which links Warszawa, the Polish capital, with the Polish-German border near the latter country's capital, Berlin. Along the highway, Poznań is the last Polish city truckers would encounter before reaching the border.

A minor road runs northwest from Poznań towards Szczecin, while the two southern access roads from Poznań merge after intersecting the A2 to the south. The combined road runs towards Wrocław.

The road to the TREE-ET mill is extended upon the release of Going East, allowing truckers to travel to Gdańsk and Olsztyn in a more direct way, albeit passing two unnamed towns.

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  • A north-south railway runs to the west of Poznań.
  • Signs in Germany refer to the city as Posen. It's the city's name during Prussian (and later German) era.
  • Twin-cities of Poznań, which are also in SCS Software games:

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