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"Portugal is a coastal nation with nearly 1,800 km of coastline and, including the Azores and Madeira, the country has a total area of about 92,000 sq km of which approximately 91,500 sq km is land and 500 sq km is water. Portugal has 5 major rivers; The Mondega begins in the Serra da Estrela which are the highest mountains in mainland Portugal."
— Official Euro Truck Simulator 2 Website

Portugal is a country in Southwestern Europe, featured in Euro Truck Simulator and the Iberia DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2.[1][2]

The country is only bordered by Spain in its entire surroundings.

Accessible Cities[]

In Euro Truck Simulator, only the capital, Lisboa, is featured. Eleven more cities were added in the Iberia DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

City Name Image First Game Remarks
Beja Iberia Blog 274.jpg ETS 2 Iberia Added in update 1.43
Coimbra Coimbra view 2.png ETS 2 Iberia
Cortiçadas de Lavre Corticadas de Lavre sawmill.png ETS 2 Iberia
Évora Evora view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Faro Faro view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Guarda Guarda view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Lisboa Lisboa view.png ETS 1 Capital
Olhão Olhao view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Ponte de Sor Ponte de Sor view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Porto Porto view 2.png ETS 2 Iberia
Setúbal Setubal view.png ETS 2 Iberia
Sines Sines view.png ETS 2 Iberia


ETS 1[]

3 Euroroutes are featured in Euro Truck Simulator.

E80 E90 E802
E80 icon.png
Lisboa – E802
E90 icon.png
Lisboa – Spain
E802 icon.png
E80 – Northern Spain

3 Autoestradas are featured in Euro Truck Simulator.

A1 A6 A23
Portugal A1 ets1 icon.png
Lisboa link
Portugal A6 ets1 icon.png
A1 – Spain
Portugal A23 ets1 icon.png
A1 – Northern Spain

ETS 2[]

17 Autoestradas are featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

A1 A2 A3
Portugal A1 icon.png
Lisboa – Porto
Portugal A2 icon.png
Lisboa – A22
Portugal A3 icon.png
Porto – Spain
A6 A7 A12
Portugal A6 icon.png
A2 – Spain
Portugal A7 icon.png
A3 – A24
Portugal A12 icon.png
Setúbal – A2; A33 – Lisboa
A13-1 A20 A22
Portugal A13-1 icon.png
A1 – IC2
Portugal A20 icon.png
Porto east beltway
Portugal A22 icon.png
A2 – Spain
A23 A24 A25
Portugal A23 icon.png
A1 – Guarda
Portugal A24 icon.png
A25 – Spain
Portugal A25 icon.png
A1 – Spain
A26 A28 A33
Portugal A26 icon.png
Sines – IP8
Portugal A28 icon.png
Port of Porto access
Portugal A33 icon.png
Setúbal – A12
A36 A44
Portugal A36 icon.png
Lisboa – Loures
Portugal A44 icon.png
A1 – A20

Two Complementary Itineraries (Itinerários Complementares) are featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Portugal IC2 icon.png
A13-1 – Coimbra
Portugal IC4 icon.png
Faro – A22

Two Principal Itineraries (Itinerários Principais) are featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Portugal IP3 icon.png
Coimbra north access
Portugal IP8 icon.png
Sines – A2 – ... – A2 – Spain

Ten National roads (Estradas Nacionais) are featured in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

N4 N10-4 N10-8
Portugal N4 icon.png
A6 – Cortiçadas de Lavre
Portugal N10-4 icon.png
Setúbal – N10-8
Portugal N10-8 icon.png
N10-4 – A12
N16 N114 N120-1
Portugal N16 icon.png
Guarda – Arrifana
Portugal N114 icon.png
A6 – Évora
Portugal N120-1 icon.png
Cercal – Sines
N125 N233 N244
Portugal N125 icon.png
A22 – Olhão
Portugal N233 icon.png
Guarda – A23
Portugal N244 icon.png
Ponte de Sor – A23
Portugal N398 icon.png
Olhão – A22


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  2. SCS Software, Twitter, 2019-12-19 (accessed 2019-12-19)

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