The Port of Calais is a port in Calais, northern France. The port is the fourth largest port in France and the largest for passenger traffic. It accounts for more than a third of economic activity in the town of Calais.

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Port of Calais

Traffic Edit

Cargo traffic has tripled over the past two decades. In 2007 more than 41.5 million tonnes of traffic passed through Calais with some 11.52 million passengers, 1.4 million trucks and trailers, 2.249 million cars and 4,700 crossings a year. On average, ships sail from the port every 30 minutes. Most of the traffic in Calais comes from Dover.

Access Edit

The port is accessible by road from the A20 (Channel Tunnel) and the A2 (Dover).

The cost to use the port is € 384,-

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