Police are AI cars in American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. If players commit an offence in the presence of a police car (exceeding the speed limit, running the red light, colliding...), they will receive a fine. The police car will sound its siren and flash its light-bar for several seconds, as police would do in real life.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Edit

Police cars were introduced to Euro Truck Simulator 2 in update 1.27. The look of police cars depends on the country:

Country Police car(s)
Austria Police Austria
Belgium Belgium Police
Czech Republic Police Czech
Denmark Police Denmark 20181120145618 1
Estonia 20181201064030 1 20181201065027 1
Finland 20181201071601 1
France Police France Police France Gendarmerie
Germany Police Germany Police Germany 2
Hungary Police Hungary
Italy Police Italy Police Italy Lamborghini Carabinieri
Latvia Police Latvia Police Latvia new
Lithuania Police Lithuania 20181130222017 1
Luxembourg Luxembourg Police
Netherlands Police Netherlands
Norway Police Norway 20171216122250 1
Poland Police Poland
Russia Police Russia
Slovakia 20170321172423 1
Sweden Police Sweden
Switzerland Police Switzerland
United Kingdom Police UK

American Truck Simulator Edit

Police cars are available in American Truck Simulator since its release, but state and city specific designs have been introduced in update 1.29.

Generic Cars Edit

Ford Crown Victoria Ford Interceptor Sedan Ford Interceptor Utility Dodge Charger
Police Interceptor Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Sedan Police Interceptor Utility ATS Police Dodge Charger

Federal CarsEdit

U.S. Border Patrol
Police Border Patrol

State-Specific Cars Edit

Arizona (DPS) California (Highway Patrol)
Police Arizona Crown Victoria Police Arizona Utility Police California Crown Victoria Police California Utility
Nevada (Highway Patrol) New Mexico (State Police)
20180315121546 1 Police Nevada Utility Police New Mexico Crown Victoria Police New Mexico Utility
Oregon (State Police) Utah (State Trooper)
Oregon Police Crown Victoria Oregon Police Utility Ats 20191013 154845 00 Ats 20191013 155558 00
Washington (State Patrol)
Washington Police Utility

City-Specific Cars Edit

Albuquerque Las Vegas Los Angeles Phoenix
Police Albuquerque Police Las Vegas Police Los Angeles Police Phoenix
Portland Reno San Francisco Seattle
Police Portland Police Portland 20180106181955 1 Police San Francisco
Salt Lake City

Sounds Edit

Police siren 1
Police siren 2

Trivia Edit

  • If the player commits an offence in presence of the police, the fine given is twice as high as if given by the game itself.
  • Some police cars exist both in a sedan and a hatchback variant.
  • As of Special Transport DLC, the cops will help you to stop the traffic to give ways to Escort Vehicles and your truck.
  • Portland Police Bureau cars in the Oregon DLC are designed wrong. SCS has instead mistakenly designed the police cars as Portland, Maine police vehicles instead of Portland, Oregon police vehicles. As well, in the Interceptor Sedan variant, the drive is also on the left side instead of the right side.
  • In TruckersMP, if a trucker colliding another trucker, horn or light spam, dangerous overtake, reckless driving and blocking the road in the presence of a police car driven by a server admin, they will kick out the trucker depending what they saw or getting a report by a player who is the victim or as a witness of a crash. Although, admins do sometimes use trucks or freecam instead of police cars.

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