Pécs is a city in southern Hungary. It was added in the 1.19 update of the Going East! DLC.

Features Edit

Truckers may access the southern part of the city.

Companies Edit

Three companies are available for truckers. BCP and Tradeaux depots are located in the city, while an EuroAcres farm is to the southeast.

Facilities Edit

Facilities available in Pécs include a garage, a service shop, a hotel, and a recruitment agency. A bus station also exists in Pécs.

A gas station is situated on the road immediately outside the city limits.

Other Features Edit

The town centre, while inaccessible, can be recognized by two important buildings:

  • Pécsi Bazilika és Székesegyház (The Pécs Cathedral), recognizable by its four tall towers
  • Pécsi magasház ("High-rise of Pécs"), a big residential building which was found to have problems, emptied in 1989 and destroyed in 2016.

Connections Edit

It's situated between M6 and M7 Motorways in the game, both of which originate near Budapest.

There are also minor roads providing access to Pécs. A westward road (Road 6) provides connection (via Road 68) to the western end of M7, furthermore to the Road 8. An eastward road (Road 55) connects the city with Szeged.

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