Orléans is an unfinished city in the Vive la France! DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2. Due to time constraints, Orléans was left unfinished, Bourges came instead of Orléans.

The city can be accessed by a minor road from the A10 between the intersections with A71 and A11. (see "entrance" on map). You can drive along the XXX signs to go into the unfinished area.

Features Edit

Orléans is divided into two parts: The southern part of the city, which is the main city, includes at least a Kaarfor mall, a bus station, a garage, a hotel and a service shop. The other part to the north features some company depots (Globeur) and a gas station.

Connections Edit

Two highways (Autoroutes) and one minor road will connect Orléans to other cities:

  • The A10 will be linked with Orléans by a short connection road (which already is available in the game) and leads towards Le Mans or Paris.
  • The A71 passes the city to the west. The next cities along this road are Bourges and Clermont-Ferrand to the south, while it joins the A10 to the north.

One minor road will start at the connection road between the city and A10, connecting the city with the A6.

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