One Truck Family was a World of Trucks event that started on 22 March 2019 and ended on 6 May 2019.

In order to complete the event, truckers have to deliver all 10 European Truck Racing Championship trailers to 15 rotating destinations (see table below for cities and schedule). An additional reward is given if the trucker completes deliveries to at least 5 of those destinations.

Starting Points and Cargo Edit

Starting points and cargo always stay the same.

City Depot Cargo (Racing Truck) Truck Manufacturer
Prague Scout Buggyra Racing - Adam Lacko + Oliver Jane Buggyra
Mannheim Transinet Team Hahn Racing - Jochen Hahn Iveco
Stuttgart LKW Team Schwabentruck - Stephanie Halm Iveco
Munich Kaarfor Truck Sport Lutz Bernau - Antonio Albacete MAN
Berlin EuroGoodies Reboconort Truck Racing Team - Eduardo Rodrigues MAN
Bremen Posped SL Trucksport - Sascha Lenz MAN
Cologne Posped Team Reinert Racing - René Reinert MAN
Bratislava Posped Tankpool 24 Racing - Norbert Kiss Mercedes-Benz
Frankfurt am Main Tradeaux Don't Touch Racing - André Kursim Iveco
Amsterdam Stokes EK Truck Race - Erwin Kleinnagelvoort Scania (unmarked)

Destinations with Schedule Edit

Destination City Destination Depot Period*
Paris FLE (Charles de Gaulle Airport) 22 March - 25 March
Bratislava BCP 25 March - 28 March
Ancona Marina 28 March - 31 March
Poznan Kaarfor 31 March - 03 April
Brussel Transinet 03 April - 06 April
Oslo Polaris Lines 06 April - 09 April
Manchester LKW 09 April - 12 April
St. Petersburg AeroBaltica 12 April - 15 April
Budapest Tradeaux 15 April - 18 April
Le Mans Wilnet Transport 18 April - 21 April
Genève SellPlan 21 April - 24 April
Helsinki IKA Bohag 24 April - 27 April
Milano Cesare Supermercato 27 April - 30 April
Hannover Tradeaux 30 April - 03 May
London SellPlan 03 May - 06 May

* Destinations change every three days at 07:00 UTC.

Rewards Edit

The truckers will receive the following for delivering all 10 ETRC cargo trailers:

  • World of Trucks achievement
  • ETRC Cap interior accessory

The trucker will receive the following for completing deliveries to at least 5 destinations:

  • Special World of Trucks achievement 
  • Interior accessory of 1:50 truck model of one of three ETRC 2018 racing trucks (random drop)
  • ETRC Mug interior accessory
  • Beautiful racing-inspired paint-job

Trivia Edit

  • The Buggyra Racing trailer is the only one to hold two racing trucks, and also the only one to feature specially-designed trucks. All other racing trucks are standard European style and loaded on standardized trailers.
  • When Bratislava was destination between 25 and 28 March, no racing truck trailer was available from there, i.e. the Tankpool 24 Racing trailer was temporarily unavailable.
  • Truckers who want to get the 5 destination completion award must start their participation before 24 April 07:00 UTC.

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