The Otoyolu O-7 is a north-south connection in İstanbul, Turkey. It runs from the D.100 to the O-3.

In real-life, it runs from the Istanbul Atatürk Airport (FLE and Baltrak Lojistik companies) to the O-6, whereas in ETS2, it is marked where the Avcılar Haramidere Bağlantısı runs from Avcılar to the O-3, and the O-7 is visible on road signs at the same location with similar interchanges, but not in motorway standards in two different intersections (one towards the SCS Paper company between the D.100 and the O-3, and a roundabout at the north end).

Route Details[edit | edit source]

Otoyolu O-7
↓km↓ ↑km↑ Feature Destinations Notes
? ? Silivri (Kınalı)
? ?
? ?

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