Nynäshamn is a Swedish port town featured in Scandinavia DLC.

Both Nynäshamn and Södertälje can be seen as satellite towns of Stockholm, as they both have only one company's depot, and are extremely close to the capital. In fact, the job map uses smaller dots to denote Nynäshamn and Södertälje.

Landmark Edit

The only known landmark is the Nynäshamn church.

Facilities Edit

Similar to other Scandinavian port towns, Nynäshamn is home to a gas station, a hotel, and a service shop. The ferry service provider, Polaris Lines, has a small cargo yard outside the ferry terminal, providing job opportunities for truckers.

Connections Edit

  • A minor road goes north from Nynäshamn to the southeastern sector of Stockholm, and ends near a highway interchange with the E4.
  • Polaris Lines operates a ferry service between Nynäshamn and Gdańsk as well as Ventspils.

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