Mud Creek Slide functioned as a special construction company in American Truck Simulator. It was created to serve as a unique depot for the Operation Big Sur event that was hosted on World of Trucks. This depot, and its corresponding event, was added to the game as a part of update 1.31.2. As it existed for the sole purpose of reconstructing CA 1, it was found exclusively within the state of California. All Mud Creek Slide depots were removed from the game upon the reconstruction of CA 1 with update 1.31.4.

In real life, CA 1 did indeed suffer a major landslide at Mud Creek in May 2017 following a particularly wet rain season, and was reconstructed by CalTrans at a cost of $40 million.

Locations Edit

There are currently no Mud Creek Slide depots remaining in American Truck Simulator. Historically, the following cities both had one depot associated with them, although the two depots were adjacent to each other and located on State Route 1.

Cargo Types Edit

Provided Accepted
Bulldozer Bulldozer
Digger 500 Cement
Digger 1000 Digger 500
Excavated Soil Digger 1000
Excavator Dynamite
Gravel Excavator
Reservoir Tank Roadroller
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