As for most of SCS Software games, players can implement mods (short for modifications) for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.

Map Mods Edit

Note: These mods may require you to start a new profile, or prevent you removing the mod if you open an existing profile with the mod installed. Back up your profile before installing!

Mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2 Edit

Name Features Requirements Notes Link
ProMods Multiple countries added, some existing cities remodeled, some interchanges remodeled, and some real-life companies added. Latest version of mod is 2.43 (Multiplayer support with TruckersMP). Website
RMP: Heilbronn 1:1 (Standalone) Region around Heilbronn, Germany in 1:1 scale. Latest version of mod is 1.0.8. SCS Forum
RusMap Added Belarus and most of Western Russia to the map. Latest version of mod is 1.9.0 (unofficial). ProMods Forum
Southern Region Added Southern regions of Russia to the map. Latest version of mod is 7.9.0. ProMods Forum
The Great Steppe Added map of Kazakhstan and a little bit of Russia near Kazakh border to the map. Latest version of map is 1.2. The usage of RusMap is recommended as map itself not connected to main map. ProMods Forum
Romania Extended (RoExtended) Added and reworked Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, and disputed country of Kosovo. Latest version is 2.2 but the latest free version is 2.1. RoExtended Website

SCS Forum

YKS Rescaled (YKSRSK) A rescaled version of YKS Team EU Turkey Map which added in Turkey, Armenia and Georgia. Latest version is 1.8. This map requires Roex as it shares assets and needs Roex to connect to the main map. RoExtended Website
EAA Added in much of South America
  • Unknown DLC
  • ETS2 v1.35
Latest version is 5.1. There are bus and truck versions of the map. Requires a fix to be used with ProMods. Youtube Channel

Latest truck version download Latest bus version download.

Swedish Islands Map Added the two biggest islands in Sweden, Gotland and Öland, located in the Baltic Sea. Latest version is 1.10 for use with ProMods and 1.02 for use without. SCS Forum
Project Japan (Currently Standalone) Added in north-central coast of Japan and plans to add the whole of Japan.
  • ETS2 v1.35
Latest version is 0.3. In later versions they are planning to make it an addon map. SCS Forum
Grand Utopia A 1:1 standalone map featuring the fictional island of Grand Utopia. Latest version is 1.6. Website

SCS Forum


Truck Sim Map (TSM) Multiple countries added around Europe and Africa. Incompatible with ProMods and MHAPro map WebsiteFacebook
Antarctica Map Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica Latest version is V0.8 

Mods for American Truck Simulator Edit

Name Features Requirements Notes Link
CanaDream Cites and highways in Canada added. Latest version of this mod is 2.8.16. SCS Forum

Latest Version on the SCS Forum

Coast to Coast Multiple cities and highways all over the U.S. added to make the east coast accessible. The version for players without New Mexico, Oregon and Washington DLC will not be updated anymore. Latest version of mod is 2.8.5. SCS Forum
Midwest Expansion Added in lots of extra roads in C2C in the midwest
  • Coast to Coast 2.8.5
  • ATS v1.36
Currently in public beta. SCS Forum

Discord Server (includes download link)

Project Going North Multiple states (MT, ND, more) added onto C2C.
  • Coast to Coast
  • CanaDream
  • ATS v1.36
Latest version of mod is 0.9.1. SCS Forum

Latest version on SCS Forum

US Expansion Mod Added in lots new cities and highways missing from the game. Latest version of mod is 2.6.1. SCS Forum
Viva Mexico Added in Baja California (both), Sonora, Durango, Nayarit and Sinaloa states in Mexico. Latest version of mod is 2.5.2. Website or SCS Forum
Mexico Extremo Latest version of mod is 2.1.9. Website

SCS Forum

Mexssimap Added in San Luis Potosí state in Mexico. Latest version of mod is 1.3 Website

If you want to use several mods at the same time, a specific load order in the Mod Manager is required: (from top to bottom)

<Environment Mods> → <Sound Mods> → <Logo Mods> → Project Going North → CanaDream → US Expansion Mod → Rick's Interstate 10 → Coast to Coast Map → Mega Resources package → Mexssimap → Mexico Extremo → Viva Mexico Map

Multiplayer Edit

TruckersMP allows players to play in a server together.

Name Features Requirements Notes Link
TruckersMP Adds multiplayer functionality either game.

Installation Edit

In order to activate a mod, it should be dropped into the "mod" folder (C:\User\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod), or in the case of American Truck Simulator, C:\User\Documents\American Truck Simulator\mod.

Then, it will be required to activate it on the desired profile using the Mod Manager tab.

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